Disposable Nitrogen Tank Types and their Features

Disposable Nitrogen Tank Types and their Features

Types of vape tank

 Disposable Nitrogen Tank

Spirals, they are windings, are the main heating elements of any vape. They directly affect the quality of the steam. It depends on them how much steam the disposable nitrogen tank will give out, and how tasty it will be.

Today there are an incredibly large number of different types of spirals. Some types of winding vape devices are very easy to make, while others are much easier to buy. Not all types of spirals for electronic cigarettes are useful in the household. Therefore, the choice of these elements must be approached with special care.

Today we will look at the names of tank that are used most often and tell you how they differ from each other.

Disposable nitrogen tank types and their features

All kinds of spirals of vaping devices have different advantages and disadvantages affecting vaping. But a lot also depends on the number of turns of the chosen spiral and the material of its manufacture.

Winding is made mainly of nichrome, kantal or stainless steel. Nichrome is distinguished by the best taste transfer, and it is suitable for any mods. Stainless steel is best suited for mechanical mods, and canthal is ideal for use as conductors.

Also, sometimes you can find alloys of nickel and titanium, but such windings are not successful, since in comparison with the above materials, they have rather weak characteristics.

The number of turns and the diameter of the material for the spirals depend on the power of the device and how you see the result. The thicker the wire, the less its resistance will be.

Disposable nitrogen tank is of the following types

Space tank

Space tank can be called the progenitor of all windings. Such heating elements were used in all its houses at the peak of their popularity, and today they have found a second life in modern POD systems. The spring got its name for the uniform distance between the turns.

The disposable nitrogen tank offers a fairly sluggish flavor and a small amount of steam. But its main advantage lies in the fact that such a spring can be twisted literally on the knee.

 The main rule is that the edges of the turns should not touch each other, so that even proud owners of crooked hands can build such a winding if necessary. Another plus is that there is no need to burn the tank.

Micro disposable nitrogen tank

In fact, this is the same space tank, just the opposite. Micro tank tank are in close contact with each other, and the better they do it, the better the effect. Compared to space, micro tank evaporates slurry much more intensively, which affects the amount of steam.

Huge clubs are guaranteed to hobbyists. But such a spiral conveys taste as badly as the first option. So for the most pleasant vaping on a micro tank, it is worth choosing a liquid with a rich aroma. Micro copes with its tasks quite well, therefore it is used both in inexpensive vapes and in good American RDAs.

Mirror Tank

The so-called mirror winding is completely identical to the disposable nitrogen tank with one exception. The outer side of such a spiral is processed and rubbed with an abrasive material or a file to a state of mirror shine. This makes the winding from the outside smooth and attractive.

 Disposable Nitrogen Tank

Why is this done? It's hard to say, because practice shows that turning the tank does not give any advantages, so it is more an art tank for creating beautiful photos in insta than something useful.

Parallel disposable nitrogen tank

Parallel is obtained by laying two mono-cores parallel to each other, without interlacing. Thus, the evaporation area becomes much larger, and the winding resistance according to all the laws of physics decreases.

This is an excellent option for owners of atoms with a long airflow, but with poor-quality packing, such a structure can easily creep apart, which is its main disadvantage. In general, this is a fairly suitable winding, but not in all cases.

Twisted tank

In the people, such a disposable nitrogen tank is simply called a pigtail. In this case, two mono-cores are twisted into a bundle. The pigtail is quite easy to assemble and is popular, but if installed incorrectly, it can spit liquid.

Vertebraid Tank

Vertibrade is a kind of mega-pigtail of 10-20 thin mono-cores. Weaving such a spiral is not very convenient, because the veins must be constantly kept in tension to maintain the structure. So it's better not to do this on your own.

By the way, due to the complexity of production, such tank, even ready-made in stores, cost a lot. Vertibrade can also be attributed to an art tank, because there is not too much sense from winding, but it looks quite impressive.




Mesh - wire rope and mesh

Mesh tank

Wire mesh is predominantly used in modern atomizers with the Genesis modification. Although in recent years, such winding has been found in other types of e-cigarettes. Mesh produces a dry enough vaporization that not everyone will like it.

But the advantage of the disposable nitrogen tank is its lifespan. The mesh can last up to 6 months of active use, which other winding cannot boast of. Most likely, you will not be able to do such a thing on your own, but they are always available in most online stores.

Clapton tank

A very useful tank that conveys taste well, but it can be called morally obsolete, since today there are more advanced and improved variations, which we will discuss below. Clapton consists of a fairly thick strand, which is then made out by winding from a thinner fiber. Disposable nitrogen tank absorbs liquid faster than anyone else and perfectly conveys its taste.

Fused Clapton disposable nitrogen tank

The so-called fuses have become an improved version of the usual clapton, and you can find them in any vape. To create them, two thicker wires are taken, which are then wound from a thinner one. Fuse drips and other types of atoms are capable of piling up a huge amount of steam, and the taste is transmitted perfectly.

There are also even thicker fusion options available with Triple and Quadro attachments. Accordingly, they are based on 3 or 4 wires with a single winding. This increases the evaporation area and all related characteristics.

Caterpillar Clapton Tank

Disposable nitrogen tank has the same construction as a regular clapton, but looks different. A caterpillar-like appearance is obtained after flattening the winding with a hammer. Such a procedure impairs the absorption of the slurry by the tank.

This affects its viability not in the best way; therefore, the caterpillar winding is often used just for fun and for beauty.

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