IGET Disposable Vape Pens: Choosing the Right One

IGET Disposable Vape Pens: Choosing the Right One

What are iGet Disposable Vape Pens? 

Iget disposable vape pens are composed of light SS material and they deliver an ergonomic hand feeling. An average iGet vape contains 7ml e-liquid with 50 mg nicotine. The battery life is exceptional. On average, a good disposable vape should have a battery of 950mAh to keep it running up to 1800 puffs. iGet vapes are pre-infused with an assortment of salt nicotine flavors.

They are stylish, super sleek, and comfortable to use. The smokers can effortlessly carry them. A quick glance at the device is all it takes to know exactly when it's time to replace the disposable vape pen. Generally, iGet vapes last between 3 and 4 days.

In the market, there has been a greater demand for disposable vapes iGet vape pens. These vapes can hold more e-liquid and have powerful batteries. They stimulate a cigarette and give smokers a similar feel that they get from smoking cigarettes. Being disposable, the iGet pens allow the user to replace it once the vaping is over.

They also allow the user to fill nicotine level in the vape. The blue light on the device flashes to intimate that the e-liquid in the Puff Bar is ready to inhale or it needs a refill. After the device ends up with e-liquid, it is not recommended to continue to try to take a hit. One has to buy a new one. 

Tips to Choosing the Right iGet Disposable Vape Pens

If you are looking for an iGet vaping pen, it is important to note that they come in different sizes. Choosing the best iGet vap pen depends upon the level of vaping one needs.

For example, if someone wants to like vaping in private, a relatively small size iGet would suit the best. The vape pens allow for several satisfying mouth-lung sessions with delicious flavors. They turn out to be very light and very comfortable due to their super slim tiny design. 

Heating system of the vape

 When shopping for iGet vaping pen, check what type of heating system does it take for combustion. There are different heating systems: 

Induction: in this system, the heat flows through magnetic fields. Although, this type of system is not much recognized, still many vaping pens contain it. 

Conduction: In this system, the botanical chamber isolates from the heating element. The chamber connects directly to the heating surface.

Convection: In this system, the vape connects directly with the heating element.

Knowing all about the above heating systems is necessary because the use of heat in vapes has an impact on the batter life. Check for the ones whose batteries last longer. 

Battery life

Knowing about the battery life is very important before choosing the iGet disposable vaping pens. Good batteries are expensive. And one would definitely like to enhance the vaping flavor.

Vaping pens typically use lithium ion batteries. If the battery charge level is at 3.7 v, the user will experience less than 3.7 v vaping till the battery loses some charge. An iGet vape battery is its core part. It gives the power required for heating the atomizer coil. 

Material used in vape 

While choosing an iGet vape pen, make sure that it has a quality material used in its make. Instead of an alloy, it should be in pure aluminum. Make sure that the aluminum material should be grade 1. Alloys are usually not safe if not tested. Therefore a vape with tested material guarantees safety.

Many pure titanium atomizers work with sub-ohm batteries due to low resistance. A vape containing an electrical battery but mentioning grade 1 material in its make is usually a fake one. So one has to be careful regarding choosing such vape. 

Some vape manufacturers use Teflon in its make. The non-stick coating is hazardous to health and may pose safety concerns. 

Atomizer components

Different iGet vapes contain different atomizer material. Therefore, it is important for the user to distinguish between them before choosing the right vape. 

  • Titanium atomizers deliver a good puffing with excellent taste.
  • Quartz atomizers are much better in taste and efficiency.
  • Ceramic atomizers do not produce as much vaping yields as Quartz do.
Vape attachments

The buyer should be careful with regard to vape attachments. Usually such attachments are made with copper and stainless steel. Copper attachments may cause infection, nausea, and change in taste.

Low quality atomizers usually contain such attachments which one should avoid while choosing the vape. 

Capacity of e-liquid 

The vape should hold a good capacity of liquid for enhanced level of vaping and puffing. The more a vape holds capacity, the more it will deliver puffs.  In good vapes, A 2 ml refill cartridge contains a durable and strong coil with a resistance rating of 1.4 ohms. 


See if the iGet vape pen contains the flavours it is famed for, such as Mixed berries, Guava ice, lychee ice, watermelon, strawberry flavours, etc. These sweet and mellow flavours are excellent.

For instance, the menthol flavor, lychee ice contains sweet and tart lychee to increase the vaping taste. The peach ice combines with menthol flavor to deliver an extraordinary flavouring puff. 

All these flavours are great alternatives to menthol smoking. 

Iget disposable vape pens


iGet disposable vape pens are top quality vapes by iGet. Powered by a strong battery, they are pre-infused with a range of nicotine flavours. Before choosing the right iGet vape pen, it is essential to consider its battery along with the number of puffs. It should be easy to carry and contain delicious flavours.

A sleek and easy to use iGet vaping pen should not need messy refills. iGet vaping pens are disposable, which means they already contain juice and are ready to use after opening the pack. Once a disposable iGet vape gets empty, discard it to open a new one.

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