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Jomotech U-POD Vape Device

Our U-POD vape device is easy to refill & replace, optional adapter to use regular tanks like Slide atomizers have a refill hole on the side of the pod, you do get to detach the pod for refill. Magnetic connection makes the pod attaches firmly. And if you'd wish to use regular tank atomizers like Innokin Slide, just buy a further adapter, this feature makes Kroma-Z much more flexible and versatile.

Our U-POD vape device is ergonomically designed for simple use and dramatically enhanced hygiene. If you're trying to find a vape device as a present for your friend, with an elegant style design for vaping, This vapor pen may be a perfect start kit present.



  •  Capacity:  2000mah
  • Dimension:  H95*W44*D27mm
  • Variable voltage:  3 modes to adjust
  • Coil material:  iron chrome aluminum
  •  Volume: 2ml(EU Edition)/3ml(US Edition)


  • The pod tank is made of pyrex glass, healthy and pure taste. If plastic, it may create a lot of uncertainty under high temperatures and juice corrosion.
  •  Battery capacity is 2000mAh, long-lasting for 3 days.
  • Airflow adjustable and coil replaceable


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