Top f 5 Mini e cig Brands in 2021: Are E- cigarettes harmful?

Top f 5 Mini e cig Brands in 2021: Are E- cigarettes harmful?

Mini e cig
Are you wondering if mini e cig is bad for you? This is a very common question, especially among people who are not used to consuming vape.

As a relatively new technology, vaporizers still cause people to doubt about a number of issues. One of the most sought after by people refers to health, usually compared to the use of traditional cigarettes.

The best way to see the value in something is to understand all its particularities. When we talk about them, it is necessary to remember that they bring several customization possibilities that change the way we consume steam.

How about clearing all your doubts if mini e cig is bad? Keep an eye out for the answers below!

Is mini e cig bad?

The National Cancer Institute (INCA) considers devices such as vaporizers as unsafe, as they often contain harmful substances in addition to nicotine. That is, their use can increase the chances of developing respiratory, cardiovascular and even cancer diseases, harming your health.

This diagnosis is the same as pointed out for the mini e cig. However, experts have already pointed out that vaporizers have fewer harmful substances. A notable absence is that of tar and carbon monoxide.

Are vaporizers addictive?

Any device that allows the consumption of nicotine can be addictive. So this also applies to mini e cig.

However, it is worth emphasizing that nicotine consumption by vape is optional. That is, there are juices without nicotine concentration, which are even used by people who want to quit smoking and are in a process of detachment from the substance.

Mini e cig generates harmful smoke?

Unlike traditional cigarettes, mini e cig does not generate that unpleasant smoke that is also harmful to the health of those around. On the contrary, a vapor is generated which soon dissipates, making absorption by third parties very difficult.

Furthermore, the steam does not carry the harmful substances that cigarette smoke has. An example is the absence of carbon monoxide, which is also carcinogenic.

Is mini e cig better than traditional cigarettes?

Yes, the vaporizer has several benefits over traditional cigarettes. For starters, it's an alternative that doesn't have all the harmful substances present in them, especially tar and carbon monoxide.

In addition, the consumption of nicotine is optional, since it is possible to purchase juices without this component. Finally, vaporizers do not turn teeth yellow or pollute the environment.

So, you removed your main doubts about whether mini e cig is bad and other issues? The concern with health is natural, mainly because we are talking about the consumption of nicotine and other substances that harm well-being. However, vape can also be an ally in this context if you know how to use it.

Did you like these tips about mini e cig?

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Ever wonder what are the best disposable pod brands on the market? So, you don't need to have this doubt anymore.
Mini e cig

In a poll carried out with mini e cig users, we selected those that were the 5 most mentioned brands. These are the ones that bring more satisfaction to customers and work with the highest quality when it comes to disposable pods.

See below which were the public's preferred champions among the best brands of disposable pods:


The Nikbar is a very established brand in vape market, and then it is natural to have achieved such a good position among the best brands of disposable pods. Anyone in the market for a good alternative in this type of product can't go wrong going by Nikbar.

Nikbar disposable pods usually come in 300 and 600 puff options. In other words, you can choose the one that meets your day-to-day demand. One of the flavor highlights is Banana Ice, which mixes freshness with fruit.



Another highly placed among the best disposable mini e cig brands is the W1 DISPOSABLE VAPE PEN brand. With a wide variety of creative blends in its flavors, you can also count on high quality in the construction of the device.

Plus, disposable pods are also great when it comes to durability. They come with up to 1500 puffs, which make for a lot of vape for your day.

Puff Bar

Puff Bar's line of disposable pods is always a great option for those who want quality and delicious flavors. With a 280mAh battery and up to 400 puffs of durability, you can make the most of this option in your daily life.

One of the highlights of flavors is the OMG, which combines orange, mango and guava in a real fruit salad with plenty of freshness. Also don't miss the Peach ICE, which mixes peach with cool menthol tones.

Bugs Bar

The Bugs Bar is one of the best disposable mini e cig brands on the market, bearing the Firefly signature. With a 280mAh battery and 1.3mL of liquid in its tank, it can fit anytime of the day.

If you want to mix the sweet taste of fruit with the freshness of mint, just choose Watermelon Ice. Another tip is Nut Tobacco, which mixes nuts with the authentic flavor of tobacco.


Finally, another of the best brands of disposable pods is the VGOD. Featuring a bold and compact design, it delivers 270 puffs and has 50mg of nicotine salt.

One of our favorites in terms of flavor is the Menthol Ice, which transports you to the icy poles of the world in its vapor cloud. Finally, the juice tank has a capacity of 1.2mL.


With all these alternatives among the best brands of disposable mini e cig, you already have excellent options to choose from in your daily life. Enjoy the benefits of a disposable pod by choosing the best brands in the segment, so you have the maximum quality and wide variety of flavors.

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