How to choose the right disposable vaporizer pen battery? Best Guide 2021

How to choose the right disposable vaporizer pen battery? Best Guide 2021

disposable vaporizer pen
What are the power sources for disposable vaporizer pen and vapes? How to choose the right battery for your vape?

The vape battery is one of the most important parts of an e-cigarette. The correct and uninterrupted operation of the device depends on its correct choice.

The disposable vaporizer pen battery is removable and built-in. Main types:

EGo batteries

EGo batteries are a great option for newbies. It is a thin tube that connects to the atomizer. Its advantages are compactness and simplicity. Most of the models work on push-button control. This allows you to extend the operation of the device, compared to automation.

 To charge it, you need to screw it into the USB port until it stops. If the red indicator changes to green, the battery is full.

Box mod for disposable vaporizer pen

Box mod is a device with advanced functionality. It is larger and, in addition to the power supply, includes an electronic board with many options such as indicators and sensors. It's managed battery for disposable vaporizer pen.

 In it, using the appropriate buttons, you can adjust the power, temperature; protect the process from burning, overheating and other troubles. It is a type of a mechanical device that is responsible for supplying current and has a cast structure.

When choosing a vape battery, be guided by the following parameters:


Responsible for the battery life without recharging. For example, models with a volume of 2500 mah produce 2.5A of current in 60 minutes and in 30 minutes - 5A. Often, unprofessional disposable vaporizer pen manufacturers overestimate the capacity. With such a device, you risk destroying the cigarette.

Rated current

Affects overheating or lack of vape or electronic cigarette. For example, if the battery has an indicator of 30 amperes, then its use is possible with a high current supply - 40 A.

Voltage indicators

High-quality power supplies with large capacities and rated currents will also have high voltages. It is convenient for both experienced vapers and beginners.

Best disposable vaporizer pen batteries that will last you long and won't damage your cigarette:

  • Samsung 25R - has a capacity of 2500mAh and a current of 20 A. Such an optimal ratio of indicators allows high-quality steam generation without overheating and burning.
  • LG HE2 / HE4 is a battery that can handle loads without any problems. They have the same capacity and power indicators as the previous version - 2500mah and 20A.
  • Sony VTC5 is a battery for power hungry vapes and cigarettes with 2600mah. It can operate with such loads: up to 30A with continuous and up to 60A with impulse operation.

The choice of battery for disposable vaporizer pen should depend on the following indicators: capacity, rated current and voltage. It is best to choose trusted firms that indicate real numbers and do not overestimate them, like Chinese ones.

How to use disposable vaporizer pen?

Detailed instructions for beginners on how to use disposable vaporizer pen. How to fill liquid, how to steam?

A vaporizer or atomizer is the heart of an electronic device. The next question for a beginner, after choosing a device, becomes a dilemma - how to use a vapeWith all the simplicity of the device, it is very important to properly care for it and follow the procedures according to clear instructions.

Beginners are advised to buy ready-made assembled disposable vaporizer pen so that there are no difficulties when connecting all the components. Moreover, you also need a small volume of liquid with a pleasant aroma of 20 - 30 ml.

What is a vaporizer? 

A vaporizer or atomizer is the heart of an electronic device. Replaceable models are called coils. They are maintenance-free atomizers and are great for a beginner. The manufacturer usually puts a couple of these parts into a kit so that so we can quickly replace it.

Setting up a disposable vaporizer pen is a simple matter when performing certain moments in.

In order for the new evaporator to work well, it must be saturated with slurry through a special hole. This is necessary so that a situation does not arise when a powerful battery will send a large amount of energy and the cotton wick disappears.

What are indicators on disposable vaporizer pen?

disposable vaporizer pen
Some models of modern disposable vaporizer pen are equipped with indicators that monitor the liquid level. Whether you have one or not, everything is exactly necessary to independently monitor the level of slurry in the tank.

 If, even with the optimal amount of impregnation, the cigarette begins to taste bitter, this is a sign that the atomizer should be replaced for now. The main rule when refueling the tank is not to fill the liquid to the very edges. Leave a layer of air to prevent overflow and leakage of the fragrance.

Serviced atomizer vape is the choice of confident users who have made vape smoking a hobby. An experienced vaper will have to change the winding from time to time, which consists of a spiral and cotton wool.

How to charge disposable vaporizer pen?

Charging your vape and e-cigarette is as easy as charging your smartphone. At the bottom of the case there is a USB port through which you can connect the device to a computer or a power outlet. It is best to use an adapter from a cigarette, and not any other that came to hand at home. This will prolong the life of the cigarette and protect it from overheating.


The scheme of vape operation is simple - press the button and take a puff. For inexperienced vapers, even such a simple process is sometimes accompanied by a cough, leakage of liquid into the mouth and other unpleasant effects.

One of the conditions for how to hover correctly is smooth puffs. Often, the beginner takes a sharp and rapid breath, similar to smoking a tobacco cigarette. A sharp supply of air supplies a large amount of energy to the wick, it starts to burn, and this causes a cough. It is recommended to perform measured puffs for 4-7 seconds.

To avoid burning taste, follow a number of conditions:

  • Use only soaked vaporizers and do not smoke dry.
  • Tighten to approximately the same torque to avoid disrupting fluid circulation.

You need to keep the disposable vaporizer pen not in a strictly horizontal state, but slightly lowering it down. Thus, the cotton wool in the atomizer will be evenly wetted, and steam will be generated correctly.

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