Is Using a Marijuana Vaporizer a Safer Alternative to Smoking?

Is Using a Marijuana Vaporizer a Safer Alternative to Smoking?


The Many Benefits of a Marijuana Vaporizer

The marijuana vaporizer is gaining quick recognition all over the world these days. That’s because it is the safest alternative to cigarettes and there is no prominent side effect of these vaporizers. That’s why people all over the world are now switching to this method of smoking. Want to know more about the benefits of these vaporizers? Keep reading then. You will find everything you need to know below.


What Is the Marijuana Vaporizer?

In simple words, the marijuana vaporizer is a device that manufacturers use to utilize heat. When they utilize heat in these vaporizers, it activates the molecules in the cannabis flower and then concentrates.

According to research, out of the total of 364 individuals, 54% declared the vaporizer as their favorite mode of smoking. Out of the total 54%, 80% of individuals believed that it is a healthier alternative to other methods of smoking such as using cigarettes, bowls, or pipes. Not only this, but 34% of individuals believe that vaporizers offer the best symptom relief as well. For this reason, the use of marijuana vaporizers is continuously on the rise.

What are the Types of Marijuana Vaporizers?

As oppose to the traditional cigarettes that burn leaves to form the smoke, vaporizers use small metal coils and batteries instead. As a result, it heats the substance until it evaporates. After this, the users can inhale it effectively. For this reason, they are known as vape pens, vape, and vaporizers. However, all the devices do not vaporize the same way. There are three main types that you will likely encounter. Let’s take a look at these types below.

1.      Herb Vaporizers

The herb vaporizer has a chamber where the manufacturers add dried cannabis flowers. When you heat the device, you get the active therapeutic compounds in the form of concentrated vapor. The device heats the cannabis just to the right temperature so that it doesn’t burn. As a result, the chances of the formation of tar during the inhaling process minimize. Apart from this, some vaporizers have temperature settings as well. This allows the users to control the amount of vapor and flavor that they are inhaling.

2.      Oil Pens

The oil pens are a bit different from the herb vaporizers. That’s because they use oil concentrate in the vaporizer instead of the dry herb. What you need to know is that the oil that is added to the vaporizer is also extracted from the cannabis plant. During the process of oil extraction, the cannabis oil is cut with other carrier oils.

A common example of this is hemp oil. This is what makes the vaporized oil less potent than the wax. However, it is more potent than the vaporized herb. The oil pens are a popular choice for people that are vaping for the first time. That’s because they are clean and easy to use as well.

3.      Wax Pens

A semi-solid substance, the wax pens are also a common type of vaporizer on our list. The manufacturers extract the semi-solid from the cannabis plant that consists of high concentrations of active compounds. Since the wax pen is not cut with different other carrier oils, it is much more potent than the oil or herb. What you need to know is that the wax vaporizer is made up of three main components.

These components include the battery, the mouthpiece, and the atomizer. You need to purchase the wax separately and add it to the atomizer. Here, the wax is heated with a coil and then vaporized. However, the wax is a bit more expensive and that’s why you must reload it often to the atomizer.

Why Should You Invest in a Marijuana Vaporizer?

There are many benefits of using a marijuana vaporizer over other methods of smoking. This is what makes it a safer alternative. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits below.

1.      Cost-Effective

While you might imagine that marijuana vaporizers are incredibly costly, this isn't the situation. Despite what might be expected, it is a very spending plan agreeable alternative.

Consequently, the expense of these expendable vape pens is their greatest selling point also. When contrasted with a non-dispensable vape pen, anybody can manage the cost of them without any problem. That is because the underlying expense of the non-dispensable vape pens is higher. This results in a great deal of incautious acquisition of these expendable vape pens.

2.      Less Wastage of Cannabis

Another great advantage of these vaporizers is that there is less wastage of cannabis involved as compared to joints and pipes. That’s because these devices require less cannabis to provide effective results. Not only this, but their doses are more potent as well. As a result, you do not need to inhale much as compared to other methods of smoking.

3.      Easy to Carry Around

Marijuana vaporizers are versatile and simple to carry around. Accordingly, you can convey them to any place you need. Furthermore, they are an extraordinary alternative for novices that need to check to vape out and are searching for a less expensive choice. However, they are ideal for individuals that need to be circumspect with their utilization of vaping. What more do you need?

4.      Less Smell

While cannabis has a strong smell that bothers some people, this is not the case with marijuana vaporizers. While they are not totally odorless, they greatly minimize the smell. That’s because cannabis does not burn much while using it.

5.      Easy to Use

Vaporizers are extremely easy to use. That’s because they are less messy and only require a few simple steps to use. All you need to do is keep the vaporizer charged and full of wax, oil, or herb. That’s why it is widely used all over the world.

Final Words

The use of marijuana vaporizer is gaining a lot of popularity these days. That’s because it is not only a safer alternative to smoking but offers many other benefits as well. So, if you are also looking for a safer alternative to smoking, you should definitely check these vaporizers out. Need more information? Contact us now!


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