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How a Vape Device Will Help Quit Smoking During Lockdown?


Vape device in COVID-19 helped many smokers quit smoking amidst global anxiety

When it comes to vape devices, one thing must be clear that vapes devices are much safer for human health. There should be no confusion about the safety of these vaporizers. As, COVID-19, globally, came as a natural disaster and mayhem that causes people to go into an abyss of distress and anxiety.

Amidst this individual crisis, people across the globe incline towards smoking habits to reduce their stress using a daily dose and a hit of nicotine. However, to stop people from another health disaster the encouragement towards vape devices seems a reasonable job.

By this, hence, we can refer people towards a healthier initiative. Furthermore, not only safer but it also helped a lot of people to quit their smoking habit. With the rising number of people getting attracted to marijuana and other drugs, recommending flavored vape appears a safe deal.

How a Vape Device Will Help Quit Smoking During Lockdown?

Lockdown across the globe appears to be one of the stressful events in human history. Stress often forces humans to get themselves relief in an unacceptable way. One of which is smoking.

Smoking habit is comparatively injurious practice. However, vape devices, on the other hand, are a different phenomenon. Vaping as know is a process in which inhaling produces water vapors.

Therefore, we call this device an electronic cigarette as well. The procedure however is very much different from that of smoking. Smoking on the other hand involves the burning of tobacco and the production of smoke along with injurious ash.

Vapes nevertheless are the devices that use special flavored ingredients that help in the production of water vapors. Using this simply safe and health effective technology vape devices turns out to be a real savior in COVID-19. In addition to this, several popular and accepted studies show that vaping is the safest alternative to smoking.

Reasons Vape Devices Helped People Quit Smoking

Owing to the characteristics and health features of vape devices, there are top 10 reasons that helped and forced people to quit smoking and switch to vaping. It includes:

  • Vaping or vape devices promise individuals better health.
  • Vapes are free from offensive and second-hand smoke.
  • There is a use of less water in vape devices.
  • Vapes are completely colorless, odorless, and are free from any pungent smell like smoking, avoiding the smoke to get stick to clothes and hair.
  • There is no involvement of smoke and fire in this process.
  • Using vape devices helps the user to get rid of annoying yellow fingers and bad mouth odor.
  • Above all is the cost-effectiveness of vaporizers in comparison to that of tobacco cigarettes. 
  • With health-effective properties, the user can use vape anytime anywhere without annoying the general public.
  • Most of the modern workplaces now are allowing the use of vapes device during work hours.
  • Using vapes attached no such social taboo as smoking does.

These were the features and characteristics that helped people to get rid of smoking amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Safe and Healthy Ingredients of Vape Devices

The foremost thing that people come across is whether the vapes they are using contain safe ingredients or not? Also, there is one more thing that concerns people about is the type of ingredients used in vape devices.

To answer this question, it is imperative to learn that the liquid or flavor used in vaporizers are E-juices. Most of these e-juices relatively contain two to six ingredients. However, these ingredients are eventually free from any hidden or toxic additives.

The vaporizers carry the exact material which you can see. Therefore, looking at these ingredients are types, they are thereby divided into four elements. It contains:

Vegetable Glycerin Base (VG-Base 80%-90%)

The vegetable glycerin base in vape devices helps them to carry the flavor and the nicotine if added. In vaporizers, we often tend to mix the VG base along with propylene glycol.

Furthermore, we often mix it with polyethylene glycol as well. Hence, to get the intense and thick amount of smoke and vapors, it thus is a recommendation to use a high proportion of propylene glycol. The lesser the glycol the lesser will be the amount of smoke and vapors. The proportion of VG base in the vape device comprises 80%-90% of the total content volume.

Flavour (10%-20%)

Only 10% to 20% of the total volume of the vaping content is the flavor. This amount however is enough for the best experience. The flavors either carry food-grade flavorings.

Food grade flavorings are those that we use usually in candy making. The most common flavors that we use are essential oil essences. The famous of them all is spearmint.

Nicotine Volume (0% to 2.4%)

Nicotine, in vape devices, is an option that a user may select according to its needs. However, in most cases, people either avoid using nicotine or use a very less amount of nicotine. The usual percentage against total contents is 0%-2.4%. the use of nicotine however depends upon the strength as per taste.

Dilution Of the Content

The dilution of the contents that we use in vape devices happens by using distilled water.

Advantages Of Using the Vape Devices

Vape devices are a sure way to help users to quit smoking. Therefore, for those who are in search or quest to quit smoking and are also budget-conscious, vaporizers are the perfect solution.

Hence, to get yourself started, it is a recommendation to either start using disposable vape pens or disposable e-cig. These devices thereby appear to be practical and beneficial in this regard.

To start with, vape pens are the best and the most attractive ways to introduce anyone to vaping practice. In addition to this, these devices are disposable and also carry a single usage facility. The customer hence doesn’t need to worry about refilling them more often.

In terms of cost-effectiveness and budget-friendly usage, one can get these devices in a few dollars. Hence, as cost-effective tools, these vape devices offer are the essential benefits of vapes. Using disposable vapes, the user eventually can decide if he is capable to pursue the practice for a longer term or not.


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