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How E Cig is a Healtheir Choice In Comparison to Regular Smoking


E Cig: A Healthier Choice in Comparison to Regular Smoking

E Cig (e-cigarette) is said to be a healthier alternative to t regular cigarettes. But, is it true or nothing more than a myth? E-cigarettes are no doubt the latest trend in smoking, which is why they are becoming increasingly popular. Due to their fashionable look and feel, a majority of smokers are taking them as a great replacement to regular smoking. In this article, we will find out how true is it to consider e-cigarettes as a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes.

If you are planning to choose e-cigarettes over traditional cigarettes, then this guide will help you. We will share some reasons why e-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular and also let you know how it works.

Why Vape an E Cig?

For various benefits, most people prefer e-cigarettes over regular or traditional cigarettes. Here are the key advantages that you will enjoy by switching from regular smoking to e cig:

1. No burning, ash, tar, or smoke

A regular cigarette contains 4000+ toxins and chemicals, including cyanide. After smoking approximately 200 cigarettes, approximately a teaspoon of tar remains in the lungs. This tar is similar to road tar. The harmful smoking effects do not come from nicotine or tobacco itself. It is because of the smoke that emerges after tobacco burns. In comparison to regular cigarettes, an e-cigarette contains five main ingredients.

These ingredients include nicotine, vegetable glycol, water, flavoring, and propylene glycol. These ingredients are not harmful to humans at all. Most importantly, you will not burn tobacco, so there will be no harmful and tar to damage your lungs. It is the reason why manufacturers of e-cigarettes claim that their products are healthier than traditional smoking.

2. 90% Cost-Effective

During this recession time, people want to save as much money as they can to finance their basic needs. Fortunately, e-cigarettes prove much more cost-effective than traditional smoking. One cartridge of e cig is equivalent to around 40 traditional cigarettes. Therefore, it will save you a lot of money by switching from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes. It is a big reason to buy e-cigarettes instead of regular cigarettes.

3. You Can Vape Anywhere

Smoking in public transport, music arenas, sports venues, casinos, bars, and pubs is prohibited. However, there is no restriction on vaping e-cigarettes. You can vape almost anywhere with freedom, which is another reason why e-cigarettes are getting increasingly popular across the world. The reason why vaping is not illegal in public places is that there is no smoke and no harmful chemicals to affect nearby people.

4. No Bad Smell

E-cigarettes are scented so they do not smell nasty when vaping. Therefore, you will have a realistic, authentic smoking experience. The smell of the e cig disappears immediately, leaving no bad smell around or on you. This is an advantage that doesn’t come with traditional cigarettes. It is one of the reasons why most people like e-cigs instead of regular cigarettes.

5. It Helps You Reduce or Control Nicotine Intake

C-cigarette cartridges and e-liquid come in different nicotine strengths that include zero nicotine. It allows you to select an appropriate level according to specific desires. You can change your strength during the day. For instance, using lower strength in the early morning can reduce the smoking desire for the remaining day. You can do it according to different occasions. Medium strength is recommended for normal use and regular (higher) strength is appropriate for special events, like pub visits and parties.

E-cigarettes are not traditional smoking cessation products, so they won’t encourage you to stop traditional smoking at all. However, you can still try to reduce nicotine level gradually, turning it down to zero ultimately. Many people have reported that they quit traditional smoking after regular use of e-cigarettes.

How Does E-Cigarettes Work?

E-cigarettes come in two types; traditional e-cigarettes and next-gen vaporizers. A traditional e cig has the same traditional tobacco cigarette’s size. On the other hand, next-gen vaporizers are larger and have a four times longer battery life. Vaporizers are also known for providing significantly more taste and vapor. Both types work identically with a few differences.

1. Traditional E-Cigarettes

A larger part of the e-cigarette length consists of the device battery. It connects to the cartomizer cartridge that contains the atomizer and nicotine e-liquid. The atomizer vaporizes e-liquid during inhaling, which turns it into a flavored water vapor that contains nicotine. Inhaling this vapor works exactly how we smoke a regular cigarette. It offers complete satisfaction and experience of smoking. However, it involves no smoke, no burning, and no tar or ash. High-quality e-liquids create the best tasting and thickest vapor experience.

2. Next-Gen Vaporizers

While traditional e-cigarettes provide a bit similar experience to traditional smoking, next-gen vaporizers are known for providing a more significant experience. Moreover, you can buy e-liquids in several incredible flavors for an amazing vaping experience. Next-gen vaporizers come with a more powerful and upgraded battery with higher capacity. More powerful and higher capacity device battery ensure up to 4+ days of use after a single charge. Therefore, a next-gen vaporizer is an advanced version of an e cig. If you want to experience an even better vaping experience you can buy next-gen vaporizers.

Both next-gen vaporizers and traditional e-cigarettes are modern-day alternatives to traditional smoking. The choice of e-cigarette type depends on your personal preferences and desires.

Final Verdict

E-cigarettes can reduce traditional smoking gradually if you keep using them as an alternative to their traditional counterpart. An e cig doesn’t produce smoke, doesn’t burn, and there is no tar and ash. No smoke means that e-cigarettes are somehow a healthier replacement to regular smoking. It is the main reason behind the popularity of e-cigarettes. You also have the option to choose between a traditional e-cigarette and the more powerful next-gen vaporizer. You can easily buy e-cigarettes from the local market or online as they are so common these days. But make sure that you are not buying a low-quality product.

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