What is puff bar heating methods in 2021? Conduction and convection

What is puff bar heating methods in 2021? Conduction and convection

Original Herbal Vaporizer - Everything You Need to Know 

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Looking for an original herbal Puff bar? Then this content is for you!

We've created a complete vaporizer guide to help you choose your next model. In this article, we explain the different heating methods, the best temperature for vaporization, and the different types of original herbal vaporizers.

Want to stay inside? Come with us!

Puff bar Heating Methods: conduction and convection

Before we talk about the main subject, we must cover some topics so that you understand the whole scenario.

The two possible heating methods for the original herbal Puff bar are known as conduction and convection. Each of these options uses a different process to heat the herb.

  • Conduction: in this case, the herb is heated directly. It is placed on a base that warms it when pressing the button.
  • Convection: already here, the material is indirectly heated, passing hot air through and around it. As it prevents combustion, it is the favorite option for vapers.

The ideal temperature to vaporize Puff bar

Continuing with the subjects that are critical for anyone looking for an original herbal vaporizer, vaporization temperature is an essential topic.

In general, they use a range between 162°C and 204°C.

Check below the 3 temperatures considered ideal:

  • 162ºC – 176ºC: in this range, the steam emitted will be milder and is more suitable for herbs with low humidity levels;
  • 176°C – 190°C: this is considered the ideal point for vaporization. That is, you will get the most out of steam using temperatures within that range;
  • 190ºC – 204ºC: Finally, this range is ideal for dry herbs, as it produces more steam.

Important info: As you can see, the ideal temperature for an original herbal vaporizer depends a lot on the herb you are using.

Original Herb Vaporizer - The Best Options

That said, let's get to the main topic?

Discover the best models of original herbal Puff bars!

Table Vaporizers

If you are already inside the vaper world, you know about tabletop vaporizers, right?

They are large and are often used at home as they need to be plugged in. As expected from a vaporizer of this size, these devices provide robust, high-quality steam production.

Tabletop steamers are perfect for anyone looking for a tasty experience in the comfort of their own home!

However, we emphasize that they are not very suitable for travel.

Main features of Puff bar:

  • Remote commands;
  • Intuitive temperature settings to adjust to your liking;
  • Different accessories like bags and water pipes;
  • Multi-user adapters – ideal for group meetings;
  • Different materials like glass and ceramics;
  • One-touch startup;
  • Faster warm-up times;
  • 2 different modes – steam therapy and aromatherapy;
  • Use of herbs without crushing them;
  • Automatic shutdown.

Portable Herb Vaporizers

Unlike desktop steamers, laptops are devices that deliver quality steam in a more compact size.

The difference here is that portable Puff bars have a variety of customizable options for the user. In other words, choose between colors, features, and sizes!

 puff bar 2021

In terms of functionality, this vaporizer model has high build quality, great performance, and excellent vapor production.
Undeniably, the biggest highlight is its size that fits perfectly in your purse or pocket.

Main features:

  • You can use the dried herb, concentrates, or e-liquids;
  • Fast warm-up times;
  • LED or touchscreen display;
  • Temperature adjustments;

Vape is bad? 5 truths about the world of Puff bar vapers 

If you're a beginner or an experienced Puff bar vaper, you've certainly come across a lot of information (some false and some sensible) about the world of vaping, right? It is very common to hear people saying that vape is bad, for example.

 Also, here on our blog, we've already done an article those talks about lies that you were told about electronic cigarettes.

Today's content is a little different: we've separated 5 truths about a vape that not everyone knows and do great arguments for when someone appears clueless wants to criticize something they don't know.

After all, is vape bad?

One thing is for sure: vape is more popular than ever in the world After all, we are talking about a safer alternative to conventional cigarettes.

Despite its recent success, few people know about vaporization and understand how it works.

So let's get to know these 5 essential truths about vape?

  1. Vaping Culture

Did you know that there is vape-created a culture? Yes, we are talking about the Puff bar vaping culture.

Now in times of pandemic, the situation is not so favorable, but before, we saw countless clubs with their own space for vaporization in several countries. There, it was common to exchange cards about vaporization techniques, the best devices, flavors, and much more

In addition, there are also the ramifications of the vaping culture, such as the “cloud-chasing” movement, which is nothing more than a competition between vapers to see who can produce the greatest amount of vapor clouds.

2. Is Vape bad? Not quite, vaporizing is safer than smoking

It's not news that traditional cigarettes are harmful to health, is it? However, is vape bad?

Smokers, for the most part, develop an addiction to nicotine. Now, have you been told that vaporizing is a much healthier alternative to smoking?

We are not the only ones saying this; numerous studies have proven that the harmful effects of Puff bar vaporization are considerably less than those of smoking. This is because the burning of tobacco and other substances in cigarettes is quite harmful to the body.

On the other hand, in vaporization, there is no combustion. In other words, it is safer since you don't burn anything. If that wasn't enough, vape produces a less harmful chemical reaction and has a milder vapor for the lungs because it's cooler.

3. Countless flavors of Puff bar

Smokers know that it is not so simple to find flavored traditional cigarettes, the most common being mints. However, when we talk about Puff bar vaping, the universe of tastes is very wide.

There are over 7,000 different flavors of liquids. This entire range of options is divided into several categories, such as fruity, menthol, dessert, and many others.

In other words: you are sure to find a special flavor for your palate.

4. Saving money…

Here we need a little calm to understand the matter.

At first, we are sure that your reaction to the topic was: “vaping devices are expensive”.

Yes, to buy a legal device you need to invest much more than R$10.00 for a pack of traditional cigarettes.

However, it is necessary to emphasize that there are numerous models of vaporizers on the market, making vape an affordable option for different people.

Also, remember that good equipment will last a long time. Another detail: they rarely require maintenance and are easy to transport.

For comparison purposes, it is worth asking: how much do you spend monthly and annually on cigarettes?

5. No smells!

One of the main defects of Puff bar cigarettes, even for smokers, is the smell. After all, that odor impregnates clothes, hands and leaves a strong smell in the place.
On vape, we don't have this problem. After all, as there is no combustion, there is no smoke.

The devices work like this: they heat the flavored liquid until it produces an odorless vapor. That way we have a more relaxed experience than smoking.

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