Top Reasons Why You Should Buy Disposable Puffs

Top Reasons Why You Should Buy Disposable Puffs

Why You Should Buy Disposable Puffs

Disposable puffs are the latest vaping trend. These disposable devices are getting famous due to their many unique features, disposable being the most appreciable ones. Several brands are making puffs in the market, but there are quite a few that offer disposable bars. The top advantage of a disposable device is that it requires no maintenance and you don’t have to recharge or refill it, unlike a traditional vape. A disposable puff bar Pod device works as a portable vaping system running on a battery. They contain 5% or 2% strength of nicotine salt. However, a normal puff bar device contains 300puffs/bar and has approximately 1.3ml juice.

In this article, we will discuss why disposable puffs have been becoming an alternative to traditional vaping. We will share some benefits of these devices to help you understand the reason behind their popularity.

Disposable Puffs: Content and Flavors

A puff bar contains multiple pod sticks and every single puff bar has approximately 1.3ml e-juice. This content of the puffs helps you vape throughout the day. The best thing about these puffs is that you can enjoy different flavors without changing the device. You can enjoy the below-listed flavors in disposable puffs:

  • Cucumber Blue Razz
  • Lychee ICE
  • Strawberry
  • Watermelon Cool Mint
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Blueberry
  • Tobacco
  • Peach
  • Orange and the Pomegranate
  • Grapes
  • Guava
  • Mango

Apart from these, you can also get a combination of any of the above two or multiple flavors. For example, O.M.G is a combination of guava and mango.

A comparison between ordinary vaping pots helps us know that disposable puff bars are easy to carry than traditional vaping. They are compact, light, and portable. Furthermore, the activation of these devices is also very straightforward and comfortable. Disposable puffs have built-in batteries and you can recharge them for activation. You simply need to take one puff for activation after picking up your puff bar.

Benefits of Disposable Puff Bars

There are several reasons why people like puff bars. First of all, it is straightforward to use these devices and one can easily carry them wherever they go. Every pod contains 200+ puffs and there is no need for a past e-smoking experience to use these puffs. Another benefit of these devices is the high concentration of e-liquid. Additionally, you can choose from many flavors according to your choice. Here are the top benefits of using these puffs.

1. More Affordable

Disposable puff devices are pocket-friendly vaping devices that are more affordable than a traditional vape. The average price of a puff bar is around $6, which is quite economical keeping in mind the features and benefits that it offers. On the other hand, a traditional vape along with one bottle of juice can cost you as much as $60.

Therefore, we can conclude that these devices are more affordable than their traditional counterpart. Also, keep in mind that you can use a cigarette stick online once, but puff bars will be available to use more than 200 times. This is one of the big reasons why more and more people are moving to disposable puffs.

2. An Array of Varieties

Puff bars come in an extensive range of flavors and varieties than the traditional vapes. You can even ask for customized puff bar devices that surely look cool. There are so many flavors available and numerous liquids or juices to choose from. The most common flavors that you can use in your puff bar include cucumber, mango, pomegranate, grape, chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, vanilla, coffee, and lychee.

Remember that these devices are a one-time investment and you will buy it as per your budget and taste.  You need only 1ml quantity of juice for producing 100 puffs in vapes. The best part is that juices are available at very economical rates. You can fill a 30ml bottle with juice for a maximum of $6, which is quite affordable.

3. Safe Alternative to Cigarettes

Disposable puffs have several advantages over cigarettes. They are a safe replacement for cigarettes because vaping is considered safer than smoking. A burning cigarette contains many harsh chemicals that are damaging to human health, lungs being more prone to damage. On the other hand, vaping has comparatively fewer health hazards than smoking and is cheaper than traditional cigarettes.

Vaping can also help you avoid smoking due to the many advantages and features that it offers. Some studies have also found that several heavy smokers have quit smoking by switching to vaping. Therefore, we can say that vaping is a safe replacement for cigarettes and can also help you quit smoking.

4. Zero Maintenance

You don’t need to energize or top off, unlike traditional vaping. Disposable puffs are expendable; allowing you to start a new one right after the fluid comes to an end. There is no maintenance required which makes these devices a worth buying product.

5. Comfort and Straightforward to Use

In comparison to traditional vaping, these puffs prove very easy to carry around. They are compact, light, and convenient, so you can keep them in your pocket wherever you go. Additionally, using these devices is also very straightforward. Even a non-smoker can activate these puffs easily with their simple activation function. All you need is to take one puff for activation.

You can purchase these puffs online from many suppliers. However, it is critical to make sure that you are purchasing a high-quality product from a reliable manufacturer. Buying a low-quality puff can waste your money and time. Therefore, make sure to buy your product from a trustworthy online store.


The above-discussed facts and benefits of a disposable puff suggest that these devices are a perfect modern-day alternative to cigarettes. These devices have turned into an affordable, comfortable, and healthier alternative to traditional vaping. You can easily get these devices from your local store or online from several online stores. All you need is to buy the top-quality puff device from a reliable manufacturer and supplier. We hope now you can understand that why people are switching from old-fashioned vaping to this modern-day vaping device.

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