Top 4 Disposable E-cig Myths

Top 4 Disposable E-cig Myths

Following are the four common myths about e-cigs and their scientific evidence

Advocates of disposable ecig are touting much about the benefits of using them. It eventually is an effort to replace conventional tobacco smoking with a so-called much safer and healthier method. The corporate culture and industries of vaporizers are claiming these products as the clean alternative to traditional cigarettes.

They moreover boost the products as the way to let people quit their smoking habit. However, the same companies are producing unregulated electronic cigarettes and thereby claiming them as safe and pure.

The reality however is very much different and complicated from that of what is said. Below are the four main and most common myths about the E-cig with their scientific evidence. Read more about various e-cig devices here

Myth 1: Vapor from Disposable E-cig is Pure

The first and the foremost claim and the myth about the disposable ecig are that the vapor coming out of it is safe and pure. We can understand this by looking at the structure of e-cig. It is a liquid vape that contains liquid water, nicotine, and a solvent. The usual solvents used in these devices are glycerin and propylene glycol. Most of the devices now carry flavors as well. Hence, most common flavor is the oil of wintergreen. Though they claim it to be safe. However, neither the liquid nor the device delivery system is regulated. By this, it means that these devices are prone to produce harmful chemicals.

Some of the recent studies have depicted the presence of impurities like formaldehyde and some heavy metal in e-cig vapor. Moreover, the propylene glycol that comes is a proven eye irritant chemical and equally dangerous for respiratory organs.

Another study from Maciej Goniewicz finds that apart from nicotine, there are many other potentially dangerous chemicals are present in some vaporizers. What is more dangerous is that e-cig offers amp up and down features. By this, a user can increase and decrease the amp. By increasing the voltage there comes much denser nicotine-rich smoke, potentially dangerous for health. They find that with higher voltage and high rise in temperature of ecig brings more harmful chemical in vapors. It, however, doesn’t mean that every disposable ecig produce is prone to produce such harmful chemical. However, they claim that there are probable chances of risk.

Myth 2: All the E-Cigs are Safe

There are other risks associated with the disposable ecig as well. These risks are additional to that of the presence of toxicity from chemical byproducts. The additional risks are surely harmful to the users if they continue to use E-cig for a longer period. It thereby includes liquid- nicotine. The swallowing of liquid nicotine, therefore, is extremely dangerous for the user. It is because some cases report that children at home accidentally swallowed the liquid nicotine and ingested that substance.

Moreover, this case becomes even worse when the nicotine available is flavored. With attractive packaging and enticing fragrance may attract many young infants to directly ingest it. This highly tempting feature may prove to be fatal for kids and ignorant users.

In addition to this, the toxicity of the e-cig is even more fatalistic when taken in huge volume. Bassett and his colleagues in a report claim that a 10-year-old infant took a huge amount of poisonous nicotine. Fortunately, on-time treatment saved the kid from fatal disease and infection after a few hours. However, this cannot eliminate the danger of getting infected by poisonous nicotine. For a person of 90 kilograms of weight, a teas spoon of poisonous liquid nicotine is enough to kill him.

Myth 3: Disposable Ecig Helps Quit Smoking

After analyzing a few studies about whether the disposable ecig carry the ability to let people quit smoking, we have received a mixed result. some of these studies depict that people who are in habit of using e-cig surely reduced the number of traditional tobacco cigarettes. However, they never quite conventional smoking entirely.  Recent scientific reviews concluded that upon careful analyses we have concluded that the use of e-cig is never associated with the habit of quitting conventional tobacco cigarettes. This conclusion comes from a general population-based sample of smokers who failed to quit smoking after using e-cig entirely.

Moreover, the other side of the picture shows that as many as one-third of the users of disposable ecig never tried conventional cigarettes in their lives. So, associating e-cig with a reduced number of smokers is a total myth and a hoax.

Myth 4: Disposable E-cigs Do Not Produce Harmful Smoke

The primary point of selling and making the disposable ecig market in the society is its less or no harmful production of smoke. The companies claim that one can sue these cigarettes anywhere as they do not produce harmful smoke. So, from their perspective, there is no risk of catching harmful infections. However, passive vaping is harmful to sure. By passive, it means that using a second-hand vapor. Though the experts are of the view that the amount of toxic chemicals and smoke in the second-hand vapor is less than that of second-hand smoking. But they are of the view that e-cig whether new or second-hand carry the same amount of tiny toxic and metallic particles dangerous for health.

Therefore, for this reason, hence, the Food and Drug administration across the world is forcing and regulating the production of standardized disposable ecig and other related products. This however is just a proposal. However, when it becomes finalized, the agencies aim to make other regulations as age restrictions. They also aim at reducing the use of such nicotine and toxic products thereby reducing the health-associated risks.

Finally, if you aim to quit smoking, then don’t worry! You are not alone in this business. It is because there are 7 out of 10 people who like to quit smoking. It consequently becomes the best thing you can do for your health. It is because it is this habit that eventually will target every other organ in your body.

Want to Quit Smoking?

There is a strong connection between smoking and cardiovascular diseases. Similarly, smoking also gives birth to cancer and types. However, the sooner a person quits smoking, the sooner he will be able to recover and repair the body.

For more information and tips about quitting smoking and personal health-related issues and e-cigs, feel free to visit and contact us here


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