When you come to a vape shop and choose a disposable vape, you’ll see there are tens of brands and hundreds of flavors to choose from, which makes you overwhelmed. Here is a guideline to help you reduce the risk of choosing a sub-par product.
Factor to consider
There are just a few simple factors you should consider to maximize your vaping experience. Let’s see what they are.
disposable vape
Each disposable vape has a specified variety of puffs, which is also named hits. Puffs differ depending on the products designed, which normally range from 250 hits up to 6000 hits. You need to put this into consideration when you buy a disposable vape.
Flavors influence the vaping experience most, like a motorist. It’s important to figure out your favorite flavor and pick the best taste from it. As there are hundreds of flavors in the market. And same-named flavors have different tastes due to different brands and e-liquid formulas.
JOMO cooperates with mainstream e-liquid manufacturer in the industry, such as HANGSEN, IPURE, ZINWI.We customized the e-liquid according to the basis of the charactistics of the devices and the taste habit of the area,like the percent of the VG,sweetness,aroma,ice,etc.,make sure the taste of each device is perfect and smooth.

Consider your vaping habits before purchasing a disposable vape. Make sure the disposable device has longer battery life if you vape frequently. It’s best to invest in a disposable vape kit that has lithium-ion batteries, as they last longer. All JOMO devices applied lithium-ion batteries.What’s more,JOMO never use stock batteries,we purchase new batteries after receive the orders.
Another HUGE thing you have to consider is the quality of the atomizer used inside the disposable device. A great atomizer that performs brilliantly with extremely low failure rates, will always provide you with a good vaping experience.
5.Great MTL Draw
You’re trying to quit smoking, which means you need an MTL (mouth to lung) vape that creates a similar experience to smoking. Finding the perfect MTL draw is a lot harder than you thought. Our L4 600 puffs disposable vape is a popular example of an ultra-portable MTL vape. It's by far one of the most popular MTL vapes on the Global market.
L6 disposable vape

6.Decent Price
You’re not going to keep your disposable vape for long. For this reason, you don’t want to be paying too much money for one. But you still need to make sure you’re getting a quality setup. Then you should try some JOMO Disposable Vapes.
How to choose
After you have a basic knowledge about Disposable Vape, now you should be confident when entering a shop to choose a disposable vape device.
1)Consider the above-mentioned factors.
2)Choose the flavor you like or want to try.
3)Ask how many hits the disposables averagely get.
4)Read the specification of the battery part clearly.
5)Check if the device has a button and charging cable.
6)Test the device before you leave the shop.
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