Europe Vape: Tips to Travel with a Vape

Europe Vape: Tips to Travel with a Vape



Europe Vape Pleasure: Tips to Travel with a Vape 

Vaping means inhaling a vapour created by (e-cigarette) electronic cigarette or other vaping device. The battery powered smoking devices (vapes) have liquid-filled cartridges containing chemicals, falvours, or nicotine. The vaping person inhales the vapourised liquid. As major countries are planning to impose ban on cigarettes in public places, the Europe vape devices are better alternatives. Although, both smoking and vaping deliver nicotine, vaping is relatively less harmful then smoking.

The Transportation Security Administration regulations for traveling with vapes in Europe are mostly the same globally.  Vaping lovers can enjoy vaping in Europe with their vape kits, vape pens, and atomizers, etc.  packed in carry-on baggage.  The reason is that the electronic cigarettes contain lithium batteries posing fire risk. Although, some best manufacturers offer grade A battery cells and environmental friendly raw materials, the devices should be carefully packed. 

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By following local rules and regulations, one can enjoy smoking e-cigarettes at secured public places.  We give below useful tips that will help boost the Europe vaping experience. 

Tips to Travel with a Vape: From Europe Vape Perspective 

It is worthwhile to mention here that European countries are on same point with regard to e-cigarettes or vaping. Taking Austria, for instance, the government authorities permit vaping while traveling but only if someone holds a valid license.

The Austrian authorities consider e-cigarettes as medicinal products. Denmark follows similar restrictions on vaping. Finland, on the other hand, would restrict the use of vaping because the authorities products containing no nicotine. Although, the directives do not ban vaping in Europe, but the member states follow their own individual rules.

Spain and France do not strictly follow such restrictions and vaping is legal there. However, France e-liquids fall under the medicinal products category. The European part of Turkey does not allow indoor vaping or in public transport. However, vapour carriers can still enjoy vaping but if they are already carrying vape pens or Mod Vape kits with them. 

Overall, in almost all European nations, the Europe vape delicacy remains restricted to people above 18 years of age. As the countries allow vaping, there is a good chance for adults to enjoy e-cigarettes once they are aware of local laws and customs.

Packing of vaping products

As most vaping devices contain removable battery, it is advisable to separately pack the battery in a clear bag. A fully charged battery serves the purpose. In most European countries, the airlines do not permit carrying along an electronic device that you may not switch on. 

Also make sure to take vape kits and pods in carry-on luggage. The TSA restricts movement of battery-powered items in carry-on baggage. The rules are clear in the European countries. While traveling, battery-powered e-cigarettes, atomizers, and vape pens, etc. are carried in the aircraft either by one-self or in carry-on baggage. 

It is of prime importance that luggage and other belongings are safe from vape spills. Always use dry vape supplies. Use water proof pouches if the destination place is some beach or any damp area in the Europe. A dry bag is handy in forming a waterproof sealing if travelers wish to take their vapes to camping, skiing, or any such outdoor adventures in Europe. An excellent idea is using a vape case.

No excessive quantity of e-liquid allowed


The Europe vape TSA regulations allow liquids in a one-quart zip-top, transparent bag. One can easily take standard e-juice sizes of 100 mil, 60 ml, and 30 ml. Any one carrying more than that should use smaller bottles to carry e-juices.

These bottles are easily available in stores. The larger bottle should have proper wrapping and it is better to stash it in the check bag. Seal the bottle opening carefully with some tape. Try to put it in a plastic freezer bag or similar container.

Buy vaping products online

Most of the travelers visiting Europe might not know that the European countries levy high taxes on vaping products. Secondly, the local shops sell low quality vapes. It is always better to avoid expensive vaping and look for online sites that sell vaping products in bulk.

Buying vapes online is the best way to avoid expensive vaping in Europe. Deals are available online that keep the cost of vapes lower as compared to locally sold vaping products.

Flavours – a taste apart

Europe vape experience becomes more enjoyable with regards to flavor of the liquid. The European countries do not impose restrictions on use of varying flavours. If one can’t find them locally, there are some best online sites that are offering range of flavours.

From strawberry to mango to banana, to grapes and to mouthwatering mints are available with disposable pods. While traveling to Europe, it is always a good idea to keep a portable kit for electronic cigarettes to enjoy the range of flavours.

Nicotine percentage

The European union has set certain percentage of nicotine in vapes. A 2% market on every e-liquid guides the travelers the level of nicotine permitted to vape. It may be hard for a vaping enthusiast to vape with higher nicotine content than permitted on e-liquid. An online purchase can better help the users experience a good vaping trip to Europe with exceptional vaping.

Bulk purchase 

Instead of buying individual vaping products, go online and find the vendors that supply vapes in bulks. Before setting on a trip to Europe, it is a best idea to buy vapes and falvours in bulk because it will also reduce the cost of vaping. Likewise, deals are always available online. 

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Europe vape adventure is exorbitant if one does not follow rules and regulations pertaining to vaping while travelling. The pod systems and pod products producing the densely flavoured vapours can enhance once in the life experience in Europe. From packaging to airline regulations to knowing the best online markets for vapes is useful during a Europe vaping experience. 



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