How to master the disposable vape kit smoking ring? Step by Step Guide

How to master the disposable vape kit smoking ring? Step by Step Guide


To be able to make rings, a jellyfish or a waterfall, you don't need months of practice and a sophisticated disposable vape kit - just work a little and understand their principle

The first electronic cigarettes appeared in 2004, gaining popularity. Since then, their main goal has been to wean a person from smoking, to reduce the dose of nicotine consumed. With the advent of powerful devices, many mods that are capable of creating huge clouds of snow-white steam, young people became interested in a new direction. 
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What is disposable vape kit ring smoking culture?

This is how a new subculture was formed - vaping. There are no restrictions in it. Moreover, you can choose any liquid, mix them yourself, assemble any devices you like, and even make them yourself.

 Especially young guys have attraction by fascinating tricks from steam - professional "tricks" look like a magical underwater world. Furthermore, once you get into the movement, you sometimes wonder how much you can do with a vape.

There are a few basic disposable vape kit tricks that make simply letting off steam an incomprehensible magic. Professional bathers call them tricking. Moreover, the basic techniques on which tricks mostly depend are rings.

How to make rings from disposable vape kit steam?

Using different techniques, you can make rings of any size. In order to gain as much experience as possible in the art of vaping, it is better to immediately learn how to make large, smoky rings.

Generally, it's not easy to master the technique well, but if you try, a few tries are enough. First, draw steam into your lungs and release it slowly. Make sure it comes out of your mouth calmly. Close your lips into the letter "O" and tighten them.

How to exhale disposable vape?

 Exhale a little harder, as if you were whispering "Oh". Furthermore, do this with small jerks, so that portions of steam separate from the throat, and they collect in a ring. Basically, this method is not easy, but favorite among most experienced users. Similarly, after long workouts, thick, we get dense rings.

Vape jellyfish

When we compared disposable vape kit tricks to the underwater world, it was not a simple metaphor. After a well-done trick, the steam will really look like a jellyfish.

This "trick" begins in a standard way

 You collect steam into your lungs and start putting on rings one by one. When you notice that some of them are in perfect shape, push your palm forward without touching the ring. 

Now we need to act quickly. While the ring grows in size, quickly inhale a new dose. Remove your hands from the large "hoop" and make another smaller one, directing the steam directly inward.

 When one ring passes through the other, leaving behind a "tail" of fragrant smoke, the picture will look like a large floating jellyfish - very bewitching, and most importantly, it is easy to learn.

Waterfall or "French breath"

This technique is not based on exhaling rings, and you have probably seen it with popular trikers. It is not difficult to repeat it on your own.

It is a popular disposable vape kit trick among adherents of a slightly different culture. But with a powerful vape, you can achieve a more spectacular reception. In order to make a "waterfall", inhale the steam and hold it in the mouth for a few seconds. Put your lower lip forward slightly, and close the jaw itself. 

Thus, you create a direction for the smoke to go up. At this point, begin to inhale the air through your nose - this will draw the "clouds" into your nostrils and you will get an unusual look, as if steam flows from the mouth to the nose.

What is disposable vape kit made of?

The working part of the disposable vape kit consists of two main units: an atomizer and a battery. The first generates vapor from the cigarette, and the battery simply holds the device's charge. Basically, the tank is an atomizer with a liquid compartment. 


It attaches to the battery pack and is embedded in the base of the e-cigarette thanks to the liquid compartments.

There are several types of tanks; they belong to different price categories and the width of the duct: there are holes for a cigarette puff; others are made according to the principle of hookahs. The third type combines the advantages of both devices - comfortable volume, good traction.

Tank device

The vaporizer tank is a clear container for liquid below the mouthpiece. Furthermore, it contains a supply of jus for vaping. The tank reaches volumes of 5 millimeters - this is the most popular size. Smaller containers are impractical.

 When the e-cigarette is running at full power, the liquid evaporates quickly and it often needs to be added. Therefore, it is worth choosing vaporizers with a tank volume of at least 4 millimeters.

 In general, the disposable vape kit consists of several parts:

1: Base

It contains a small air duct system; an evaporator and airflow are screwed into the base. The base serves to regulate the air in the tank.

2: Evaporator

 There are serviced evaporators and maintenance free. We can disassemble it and parts changed, in the second case they buy a new design.

3: Mine

Connects the disposable vape kit and drip tip - this is the place through which steam rises and cools, if necessary. Moreover, the shaft "helps" the fluid slots to stay sealed and not spill over the mouthpiece.

4: Upper main body of the tank

Generally, it secures the glass tank lid and the base of the device together. On premium models, the top contains an additional air duct. Furthermore, it resembles a dome in shape and is made of durable plastic or metal.
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5: Mouthpiece

The attachment for comfortable traction is sometimes narrow, like a cigarette, and wider, with the principle of operation like a hookah. Modern devices are equipped with a different drip, which combines both types - rich taste, thick steam and convenient use.


The disposable vape kit is part of the one large system. Similarly, damage to the tank will cause problems with the mouthpiece and battery if not replaced in time.

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