What is the difference between puff cigarette smoke vs. steam?

What is the difference between puff cigarette smoke vs. steam?

Several times we receive questions from some customers with a curiosity that seems obvious, but it isn't: there is a difference between puff cigarette smoke and steam?

If you've been vaporizing for a longer time, you've probably already found someone talking about the “vape smoke” that is given off in vaporization. Naturally, a question arises: is this smoke harmful to health? Is passive steam dangerous?

Spoiler Alert: Although cigarette smoke and steam look alike, in reality, they are very different.

What is puff cigarette smoke?

We can explain Puff smoke as follows: a set of solid and liquid particles in suspension and gases emitted when a material undergoes combustion, together with the amount of air that is dragged or mixed.

Making it easy for you:

Burning a substance completely changes its chemical composition. Smoke comes up of visible carbon molecules + molecules of the burnt substance + other by-products of combustion.

In other words, lighting something on fire produces many substances – many of them, quite dangerous when inhaled.

What is steam?

As for steam, the definition is a substance in the gas phase at a temperature below its critical temperature. In other words, steam can be condensed into a liquid by increasing the pressure without reducing the temperature.

So, we can say that the vaporization of a liquid changes its state, but the vapor comprises the same molecules present in the liquid phase.

What is aerosol?

A puff aerosol is nothing more than a suspension of fine solid particles or liquid droplets in air or other gas.

Then, when the e-liquid is vaporized, it turns into airborne particles and they fall to the ground. As they are liquid, unlike cigarette smoke, they do not pose the same risks to the lungs and cardiovascular system.

However, the term steam became popular among vapers around the world.

But after all, what is the difference between cigarette smoke and steam?

Are we going to reveal this puff mystery?

When you light a cigarette, it will produce smoke, won't it? On the other hand, in the vaporization of an e-liquid, produces vapor (aerosol). The only similarity is visual, when we talk about composition and behavior, we notice numerous differences.

Composition: when it comes to tobacco and e-liquid, the similarity is in the presence of nicotine. However, traditional puff tobacco contains thousands of chemicals, 70 of which are considered carcinogens. In electronic cigarettes, taking nicotine out of the equation, the other components are considered safe for inhalation – according to the CDC.

In time: safety has not been proven, but it also poses no risks, at least in the short term. There are still studies for the long-term effects.

Smell: Another big difference is the smell. Everyone knows that cigarette smoke permeates, right? No steam has this problem.

Residue: another important detail is the issue of puff stains caused by cigarette smoke on fabrics, walls, and furniture. The main culprit is the tar. Can vape do this? Not exactly! Steam creates a thin, cloudy coating on glass surfaces, but is easily cleaned.

Temperature: Finally, there is the question of temperature. A cigarette at rest is around 600°C, rising to 900°C when inhaled. The electronic cigarette does not exceed 200ºC, being less aggressive to the lungs.

Puff System – How to clean your device?

Pod systems are a real hit in the world of vapers! Practical, elegant, and easy to use, it won over electronic cigarette lovers with ease.

 puff 2021

Do you already own one and want to make the most of it? So be sure to check out this article. Today, we are going to talk about how the periodic maintenance of the puff device is essential for its correct functioning, especially about its cleaning.

Unfortunately, unlike other gadgets (like mods and pens), pods are a little harder to clean as they are smaller.

But calm down! We have separate special tips to help you on this mission.

Good reading!

How to clean your pod system?

To talk about cleaning the pod, we've separated two items: cleaning the vape and the cartridges. However, before we talk about this, we should stress the importance of keeping the device clean.

Pods are designed to be high-performance devices, so periodically sanitizing them is imperative to keep them running safely and reliably. In other words, do you want to guarantee that unique flavor when vaporizing and extending the appliance's lifespan?

Follow our tips below!

Cleaning the Pod System Puff

The first step is to separate small items that will help you clean: cotton swabs and paper towels.

To clean the vape puff, start from the outside of the device to remove dust and fingerprints. Then remove the capsule or cartridge from the device.

When removing the cartridge, check the battery at the top. You'll likely see some condensation or even a small amount of liquid. Take the cotton swab and remove any moisture.

If your pod has spring-loaded pins that make contact with the plates on the bottom of the pod, it's possible that it also has liquid under the pins. Gently press them with the cotton swabs until dry.

How to remove moisture stains from puff devices?

However, if you find liquid on the pod's pins, there is a good chance that there is residue on the pod's internal electronics. In this case, remove as much moisture as possible to preserve the life of the device. There's no secret here: place the pod upside down and blow the bottom hard.

Naturally, air pressure forces any liquid onto the top of the device, where you can dry it with cotton swabs.

Cleaning device capsules or cartridges

In that case, the situation is a little simpler.

The Pod's capsules are disposable, so you don't always need to clean them – especially when they've been in use for a long time.

However, vapers often find that the puff flavor of the e-liquid begins to degrade, even with a relatively new device. This is because residue builds up in the capsule's atomizer coil when you vaporize. That is, apart from this residual issue, there is nothing wrong with the coil.

Therefore, you must clean it to recover the quality of your vaporization.

How to clean capsules or pod cartridges?

Open the cartridge filler cap and immerse it in a bowl of hot water. Stir the container periodically for several hours. After a while, you may notice black spots floating in the water.

  • This is just the residue of the capsule's atomizer coil.
  • Remove the cartridge from the bowl, rinse in water to remove any remaining residue.

Ideally, let the puff cartridge dry for a day before using it again, as it is dangerous to add e-liquid to the pod while there is water on the coil wick. In the end, cleaning your pod system isn't that hard, right?

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