Things to Know About Juices for a Vape Pen   

Things to Know About Juices for a Vape Pen   

What is a Vape Pen?

In order to understand how to change juices for a Vape pen, we need to know what it is actually.  Most people refer to Vape pens as modern-day cigarettes.  To elaborate in simple words, a Vape pen is an electronic or an e-Cigarette that operates on a battery.

People use it to intake different forms of aerosols that may include nicotine, chemically enhanced juices, and flavors. The name Vape pen suggests that it is in the shape of an elongated pen that works just as well as a cigarette. Their functionality remains the same as a normal cigarette.

Moreover, it is available in the market by the name electronic nicotine delivery systems aka (ENDS). Some even offer the facility of Universal Serial Bus (USB) in their design.  There are numerous brands that are offering a variety in their flavors and juices.

The Working of a Vape pen

The working behind a pen is very simple.  Despite its appearance, the basic functions take place the same way that a traditional cigarette would do.  There is a container inside the pen that contains the liquids or juices.

When in use the vaporizer heats up to release the nicotine gas within. This helps in discharging the juice flavor that one experiences when smoking a Vape pen.

There are plentiful vape pen juices available in the market. It is more important to learn about vape juice than learning about a vape pen.  The reason to emphasize the importance of getting to know about vape juices is that it is something that you inhale inside your body. The more informed you are about what you are inhaling the better.  The following are a few things that one must know before consuming vape juice. Some of them include knowing about the ingredients, the ratio of the ingredients, and string a vape juice properly.

The ingredients of a Vape Pen Juice

When we are talking about ingesting something inside our body we always pay attention to the ingredients.  It is very common for us to look for ingredients whenever we go grocery shopping. Focusing on the vape juice ingredients is just the same thing and carries equal importance.

Nicotine and vape juices can be highly contagious therefore we must consider the elements that are part of that vape juice.  Some low-grade companies often use low-quality and harmful ingredients that are damaging to our bodies. 

Although there is a set standard of ingredients that must be part of a vape pen juice, some companies still do not follow these instructions. Furthermore knowing about these elements can be very useful for your health and your body. 

The most common elements included in a vape juice ingredient list are vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavor, and nicotine.  All the high-grade vape juices must contain these ingredients otherwise they may be harmful and unable to serve the purpose they are designed to fulfill. Additionally, it is important to buy your vape juices from renowned brands like They are reliable and consistent in providing good-quality vape juices.

The Right Ratio of Ingredients in Vape pen Juices

Earlier we discussed all the ingredients necessary for a Vape juice to perform well in order to satisfy the user.  Now, we have to talk about the importance of the right amount or ratio of ingredients in the vape juice. Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol make up most of the vape juice.

We can't emphasize enough the importance of mixing both these ingredients in the right ratio. If these ingredients do not match the set ratio, they can cause problems for the user. For example, if the amount of propylene glycol is more than the defined limit then the juice will be runny and have a thin consistency.  This may even alter the entire flavor of the juice. 

If the amount of vegetable glycerin is more than the defined limit then it might work on very limited Vape pens. Too much vegetable glycerin is compatible with only a limited amount of vape pens. Hence, it is advisable to research beforehand and get to know more about nature, functions, and juices that are compatible with your current vape pen.

The Right Way to Store Vape Pen Juices

The next important fact worth knowing about vape juices is their storage.  It is very important to store a vape pen juice the right way or otherwise, it may proceed towards deterioration.

The more you take care and store your vape juice the right way, the longer it will stay fresh and last you for a longer time.  The cardinal rule of storing a Vape juice is to keep it in a cool, dry, and dim place. A vape juice when exposed to light can oxidize which may alter the effectiveness of the juice. It may even change the juice color to a darker shade showing that it is not stored properly.

Another fact to consider is to store any kind of vape juice in a safe place. The reason to do so is to keep it out of reach of children and pets. Moreover, this liquid is highly inflammable which can be a hazardous threat and can cause fire calamities. These vape juices come in airtight packaging thus it means that you need to keep it sealed tightly even after opening. The more the vape juice has exposure to the elements, the more it will lose its flavor and quality.


Using vape pens is becoming quite common in our society.  Most people are ditching traditional cigarettes and moving on to modern-day e-cigarettes.  The reason they are making this switch is because of several flavors and juices options that are available when using vape pens. This adds a touch of customization and uniqueness. When investing in vape juices always reflect on some facts like the ingredients used in the juice. Moreover, pay attention to the ratio of ingredients that represent the effectiveness of the vape juice and its storage do’s and don’ts.




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