The Most Popular Types of Vapes: Let's get to know them in more depth!

Various types of vapes with varying shapes and sizes are now increasingly found on the market. This type of vape can be an option according to your desired needs. Especially for people who use electronic cigarettes, of course they need references regarding the type of vape and the price.
Users need to know the types of vape and their prices so they can get what they want. Vapor has various types of flavors and has a heating device to heat the vapor liquid. The following are the types of vape and their prices

• Desktop vaporizers
Desktop vapor is a type of vape that is larger than a pen. Its large size means that this vape cannot be carried everywhere. For this reason, this type of vape can only be used at home or somewhere else.

Desktop vaporizers also require a flat surface to rest on, and require a steady energy supply to function properly. This energy is able to make desktop vapes produce maximum heat, sharper taste and more vapor than other vapes.

• Portable Vaporizers
The next types of vape and their prices are portable vaporizers. Unlike desktop vaporizers which cannot be taken anywhere, this type of vape is quite practical and easy to carry anywhere. Portable vape liquid does not come into direct contact with the heating element. This is what makes the taste of portable vapes better and produces less smoke. For batteries in portable vapes, they usually last 2 to 3 hours or even more.

Apart from containing nicotine, this type of vape also contains flavorings from propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin in varying levels. This type of vapor is shaped like a small pen. This vape can be carried anywhere and produces vapor by heating the vapor liquid.

This type of vapor has two heating elements to choose from, namely the atomizer and the cartomizer. The atomizer is a heating element to heat vapor containing vapor. Meanwhile, a cortomizer is a combination of a cartridge and an atomizer.

• Disposable Vapor
Disposable vapor is a type of first generation vape. You can only use this type of vape at one time. This means that disposable vapor cannot be refilled.
This type of disposable vape is no longer useful if the liquid runs out. The shape is deliberately made to resemble conventional cigarettes. These are several types of vapes and their prices that are now widely found on the market.

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