Large-scale Experiment with 3211 People Adds New Evidence to E-cigarette Harm Reduction!

Recently, several universities, including the University of Catania in Italy, the University of South Florida, the University of California, Los Angeles, and the University of Nebraska, published two articles on e-cigarette research in SCI journals.

The two research articles agree that e-cigarettes have a lower risk of harmful substances and carcinogenesis compared to traditional cigarettes.

To further study the health effects of e-cigarettes, the University of Catania, the University of South Florida and the University of California, Los Angeles published a joint paper titled "A Close Look at Vaping in Adolescents and Young Adults in the USA" in the world-renowned academic journal ScienceDirect, which has seen a surge in the use of e-cigarettes in the United States over the past decade.
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The article notes that e-cigarette aerosol emissions are produced at much lower temperatures and result in a substantial reduction in harmful or potentially harmful chemicals compared to smoke from conventional tobacco, effectively reducing bronchial epithelial cell toxicity and inflammatory responses. This result was also confirmed by the authoritative QRA (Quantitative Risk Assessment) method.

The article also states that while some of the public's concerns about e-cigarettes are legitimate, there is still a great deal of bias among the public regarding the use of e-cigarettes by youth and the use of e-cigarettes by some users to cause asthma.

In fact, these problems can be solved in the future through technological innovation, quality and safety-related regulation of e-cigarette products, such as improving chip design, introducing automatic cooling features to avoid the accumulation of harmful substances, or strengthening the regulation of listed e-cigarette products to avoid some unforeseen potential health problems, thereby reducing public concern. The article was published in Nebraska, USA.

Another article jointly published by the University of Nebraska and the University of California, Los Angeles in the JAMA Network, one of the four leading medical journals in the world, examined the issue of "comparison of the hazards of e-cigarette users, dual e-cigarette users, and cigarette users" and also The study also concluded that e-cigarette use alone is potentially less harmful to the body.

The study divided 3,211 participants from the United States into three mutually exclusive groups, including 2,356 who used cigarettes alone, 210 who used e-cigarettes alone, and 645 who used both cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

By testing urine samples from the subjects, it was found that concentrations of TSNA, PAHs and VOCs (all toxic components) in urine were significantly reduced when the subjects transitioned from cigarette use alone to e-cigarette use alone; similar components of BOEs (biomarkers of exposure to nicotine and other toxic substances) were also significantly reduced when the dual-use group transitioned to e-cigarette use alone, and conversely, significantly increased .

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As a result, the researchers determined that the transition from "cigarette use alone or both cigarette and e-cigarette use" to "e-cigarette use alone" was potentially less harmful and recommended that people use e-cigarettes only as much as possible to ensure their public health and health risk reduction benefits. The transition from "cigarette and lite 40 e-cigarette use or both" to "e-cigarette use alone" is potentially less harmful and recommends that people use only e-cigarettes as much as possible to ensure their public health and health risk reduction benefits.


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