Jomotech Disposable L4S Review, Price Specifications and Variants

Jomotech Disposable L4S Review, Price Specifications and Variants

Vaping has become a fast-growing trend in the world of e-cigarettes, with brands and models continuing to emerge with exciting innovations.

One of the newest devices worth noting is the L4S Disposable Vape from JOMOTECH. With advanced specifications and an elegant design, the L4S Disposable Vape from JOMOTECH offers a unique and satisfying vaping experience.

In this article, JOMOTECH will review the complete specifications that make the L4S Disposable Vape so special. And why this device is worth considering by Vapers who are looking for affordable prices, quality and good performance.

L4S produces a strong taste that is certainly satisfying. This device is very suitable for vapers who just want to try a new vaping experience. L4S is a good quality pod. A device that has an elegant design and satisfying performance.

L4S DISPOSABLE VAPE specifications
The following are the L4S Disposable Vape specifications that you should know, including:

Battery Capacity: 380mAh
Liquids: 20mg
Liquid Capacity: 2mg
Material: Polycarbonate
Puffs : 600

L4S Disposable Vape has a sleek and elegant design. The body is made of sturdy and light Polycarbonate. This pod device is available in various attractive colors.

There are flavor variants of L4S Disposable Vape such as:

Blueberry Ice
Triple Mango
Passion Fruit
Strawberry Banana
Mix Fruit

The price range for L4S Disposable Vape pods is IDR 70,000.

In the box
When you buy this device, in the box you will get, among other things:

1 L4S Disposable Vape Pod (380 mAh)
User manual

Advantages of L4S Disposable Vape
The following are the advantages of L4S Disposable Vape, such as:
Cool elegant style
The battery capacity is quite large
Many flavors
Easy to carry

With so many features offered by the L4S, it's no surprise that this pod has caught the attention of vape fans. L4S is highly recommended for vapers looking for quality, affordable pods. This device is also recommended for beginner vapers who want to start vaping.
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