How to Wholesale Disposable Puffs in 2021

How to Wholesale Disposable Puffs in 2021

An Introduction

Wholesale Disposable Puffs are all the rage these days. The demand is high; therefore, businesses are trying to get them at the wholesale process. However, let us first discuss what they are. As the name suggests, their use is for vaping. However, they have only one life, as they are disposable. 

They already have e-liquid and have the charge too. Therefore, you can use puffs once taking them out of the box. Let us now discuss how you can purchase them wholesale in detail.                           

Finding the Right Seller 

We now have some basic understanding of what disposable puffs are. It is time to discuss how and where you can purchase them wholesale. Let us look at some of the factories producing them. We will also discuss the quality and pricing they are offering. 


Located in Shenzhen, China, they are the pioneers of Wholesale Disposable Puffs manufacturing. They started operating in 2009 and have never looked back since then. They produce disposable puffs of exceptional quality. They use environmentally friendly materials as well. 

Their puffs are a healthier alternative to tobacco, making them much safer for people. They also use the highest quality battery cells for maximum battery capacity. It means people can use them for more extended periods. 

They have many bundles offered at incredible sale prices. Let us look at some of the packs and the products they contain. 

Jomotech P Plus TPD Version 

Verified by the TPD Government, it contains 2.0ml e-liquid. Its battery capacity is 400 mAh, which ensures a long life for users. Moreover, the P Plus in the name means users can enjoy over 800 sprays from this bundle. 

There is a variety in the bundle, and you get to enjoy many mouthwatering flavors. The print on the front side of the pack shows the flavor. Similarly, the color of the P Plus package is also depictive of its taste. 

It is prefilled and disposable, which means you cannot refill it. Moreover, it has salt-based nicotine in it. Considering its quality, the price of $25.99 is an excellent bargain. 

W8 5000 Puffs Disposable Pod 

Those who like an option with much more capacity should go for these Wholesale Disposable Puffs. Despite being lightweight, it has an exceptional battery capacity of 2400 mAh. Moreover, due to its large capacity of 12.0ml, it can hold 5000 puffs. 

As it is disposable, it does not require any charge or support throughout its life. Once the limit of 5000 puffs comes, you can discard it. It has different flavors, and all are delicious. Some of the examples are grape ice, lychee ice, and mango ice. 

The pack is available at $68.90, which is a fantastic sales price. In addition, the quality of the product is unmatched by competitors, especially if you look at the quality of the product. 

W5 Closed Vape Pod 

It is an innovative product and differs from the rest in some ways. The W5 kit uses the POZZ X system, developed for disposable vapes by JomoTech. With a capacity of 3.0 ml, it has a battery of 550 mAh. One can see its battery capacity is more extensive than usual, thanks to the POZZ X system in it. 

It has an adjustable airflow system and two RPM coils which make vaping more enjoyable. It also has a 0.96 inches TFT display, which is sharp and legible and shows relevant information. With 1000 puffs, you can expect it to last a long time.  

Hillsmo Technology Limited: 

They are presenting in Guandong, China. They are one of the best Wholesale Disposable Puffs manufacturers on the market. With modern production capabilities, they can fulfill large-scale orders with ease. They have a production capacity of 10000 pieces per week for many of their products. On top of that, they offer competitive prices, which are hard to beat. 

Let us look at some of the best products they are offering. 

OEM Puffs Fruit Flavored 

As the name suggests, this puff is fruit-flavored, a flavor that many people love and enjoy. 304 Stainless Steel is the choice in its manufacturing, which is reliable and long-lasting. It has a battery capacity of 400 mAh with 400 puffs in the tank.

The e-liquid in it can be up to 2 ml, which its maximum capacity. It comes under the Fruit Series of the manufacturer because of its fruit flavors. 

Flavor Max

It is a stealthy choice by Hillsmo Technology. Not only is it comfortable to hold, but it is also easy to vape. It has a unique and compact design, which helps in better handling and storing. The flavors inside are also mesmerizing, as you will never have enough of them.

They are disposable too, which means you can discard them after finishing. Its e-liquid capacity is 1.0ml while the battery is 280 mAh, which is decent enough. Hillsmo uses high-quality stainless steel for making W1S Pod. If you order 5000-9,999 of these, the price for each would be $3.3.

However, for placing orders above 10,000 pods, you will get a discount. The price of an individual pod would drop to $2.8 in this case, making it an excellent bulk purchasing option.

Besides these companies, there are some other prominent ones too. They include Shenzhen GooMax Technology, Shenzhen Legendtank Industry, Shenzhen Honest Industry, etc.

Negotiating with Manufacturers

Once you select the right factory to buy Wholesale Disposable Puffs, it is time to contact them. By sending them an inquiry, you can get all the necessary information. For example, you need to know their lowest quote, the catalog, wholesale prices, delivery charges, etc.

Usually, manufacturers give you the advantage of negotiating with them. It can help you lower the manufacturing rates and delivery prices charged by them. The most important thing is to compare your options wisely and choose the best one.

Once you confirm your order, please wait for it to arrive. When it does, it is time to sell puffs and serve your customers. 


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