How to Make Your Own Vape Brand

How to Make Your Own Vape Brand

Like most vape shop owners and wholesalers, I used to always dream about having my own vape brand, and had considered placing an OEM order myself for several months. While when it comes to the problem of finding the best supplier, it requires so much time and effort...Product Costs, Design Issues, OEM & Extra Fees...there were a lot to think about.

At a chance browsing on Facebook, I saw a post saying the company/factory JOMOTECH provides OEM custom vape service, then I got contacted with one of the sale representative, who was very patient and passionate in showing to me the customization service they offer. The truth that there is hardly extra cost except the material cost for custom packaging and necessary labor cost is really fascinating. So I started my first pleasant cooperation with them, and the whole communication process was also very smooth. Here I would love to share some 3 tips to place an OEM order:

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Custom Logo. About custom logo, you could send your own design documentation, or specify your needs and requirement of logo, the professional designer team will create a rendering of the device with your logo. Then after your confirmation, they will make batch of sample for your OEM order before bulk production.

Custom Packaging. Same as the custom logo, only one point you may need to notice is you could choose the packaging process, such as UV / Emboss / Lamination, according to your budget. It gives you more flexibility and makes your brand more unique. Though the more complex the process, the higher the cost of the packaging, your DIY vape box will also look more fancy with better packaging. Totally worth it!
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Custom Flavors. In addition to choosing from the available flavors, you can also select the flavors that are hot in your local market and ask the engineers to customize E-liquid flavors for you, provided that the corresponding MOQ is met.

By the way, you can also custom nicotine content, 0%, 2%, 3%, 5%... Or even customized a one-of-a-kind model!

That is the basic you need to know about making your own vape brand in JOMOTECH. For details, just PM the professionals from the company!
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