How E-cigarettes Smoke?

How E-cigarettes Smoke?

Electronic cigarettes can smoke as long as they are smoked, and the amount of smoke is full, which immediately meets the demand for tobacco, but do you know what electronic cigarettes smoke?

First of all, you need to understand the composition of electronic cigarettes, here is a small cigarette as an example to illustrate:

disposable vape

A.When the user inhales at the '1' nozzle, the airflow passes through the the '2' air passages, then passes through the '3' microphone on the '8' circuit board, and the microphone generates electrical signals and are conducted to the single-chip microcomputer , wake up the MCU, MCU software setting, turn on the drive MOS tube (turn on the power-on switch), let the power of the '9' battery pass through the '11' thimble in the picture, to arrive the '7' atomization core, the heating wire in the atomization core is energized to convert electrical energy into heat energy, the temperature reaches the boiling point of '6' cigarette oil, the boiling of the cigarette oil produces smoke, and the MCU controls to light up '4' indicator light.

B.When the user stops inhaling, the microphone returns to the normal signal, and the MCU monitoring signal disappears, stopping driving the PMOS (off switch) and indicator light;

C.The MCU will monitor the battery voltage at this time, go to sleep if the battery is sufficient, and flash the indicator light to alert you if the battery is dying (software setting, changeable).

In short: the microphone is the gatekeeper, once the user inhales, tell the single-chip microcomputer (brain), the brain controls to turn on the switch, send electricity to the heating wire, the heating wire turns electricity into heat, heats the cigarette oil, and the cigarette oil is heated to smoke;

As for how the Microphone monitors the user's inhalation, and how the single-chip microcomputer knows the change of the signal of the mark, how the MOS tube realizes the switch, how the atomization core converts electricity into heat, why the cigarette oil smokes when heated, etc., we will slowly analyze these later.
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