Electronic Vape Pen- Learn the difference between Vapor and Smoke

Electronic Vape Pen- Learn the difference between Vapor and Smoke


Imagine if there was an alternate to smoking. A way that would help millions of people to quit smoking. Smoking is very harmful and it causes a lot of damage to our lungs and other body parts. Therefore, it is very important to quit smoking for a healthier life and a healthier body. However, you do not have to imagine, because there is already an alternate to smoking present, the Electronic vape pen. What is vape? How different is vaping from smoking? This article contains all the details about electronic vape pen.

What is an Electronic Vape Pen?

An electronic vape pen is a battery-operated device; it produces a vapor, which the user inhales in order to feel the similar relaxing/pleasurable feeling to that of regular tobacco smoking. The electronic vape pen’s purpose is to mimic the traditional tobacco cigarettes, but without the tobacco.

This vapor can contain nicotine along with propylene, flavorings, and other chemicals. The electronic vape pen can come in many different looks. They can resemble the usual tobacco cigarettes or cigar; they can also resemble pipes, pens, USB memory sticks or other items. Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, introduced the first electronic vape pen in 2003.

How do the Electronic Vape Pen Works?

The electronic vape pens contain a vape-tank inside them, this vape tank contains the e-liquid that is heated to produce vapor, which the user inhales. These electronic vape pens have a power source inside them, which serves the purpose of heating the e-liquid.

Electronic vape pen was firsts manufactured in hopes to help people quit smoking. As the electronic vape pen gives a similar sensation to that of smoke from the tobacco cigarette. However, as it does not contain tobacco and it has very fewer chemicals compared to smoke, it is less harmful.

Many people are still confused about the electronic vape pen’s vapor and they cannot differentiate between vapor and cigarette smoke. They think that both the vapor and smoke are the same substances with no such difference. However, in reality they both are two very different substances. So, what are these differences between smoke and vapor? Continue reading to find out!


The incomplete combustion due to burning produces smoke; this contains very harmful products in it, which can be very dangerous to inhale. Products inside a cigarette that burn along with the cigarette stem to produce smoke include Nicotine, Tar, Carbon monoxide, Arsenic, Ammonia, Acetone, Toluene, Methylamine, Pesticides, Polonium, Methanol and others. Smoke contains all these products as well as the by-products of combustion, which are extremely harmful.

Vapor is produced when the e-liquid vaporizes; there is no burning or combustion involved in the production of a vapor. The vapor only contains the substances of the e-liquid; no by-products of combustion are involved.

The vapor produced is actually called aerosol, but people usually refer to it with the term vapor, which is simpler. the vapor only stays in the air for a short time and then falls to the ground, unlike vapor, smoke does not have these risks. The e-liquids contain propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin or glycerol, other chemicals (including those used to create flavors) and, in some cases, water, all along with nicotine.

Smoke has a very distressing smell and it stays for a longer time. The smell lingers for hours or even days especially when you smoke in a closed room. Smoke leaves a smell on the smoker as well, and people can easily recognize the distinct smell of smoke, and easily identify a smoker. Vapor has a very pleasing smell because of the flavorings in it and it disappears instantly leaving nothing behind.

Smoke leaves a residue behind resulting in staining, this happens because of the tar and other by-products of combustion that are present in the smoke. On the other hand, vape does not leaves any residue behind and only stays in the air for a brief period.

Advantages of Electronic Vape Pen and vapor over Cigarettes and its Smoke

  • When the e-liquid vaporizes, it reaches not more than 200 degree-Celsius and outcomes in a cooler vapor when exhaled. On the other hand, the cigarette coal has a temperature of 600 degree-Celsius and rises to 900 degree-Celsius when inhaled.
  • The vapor is produced in a much safer and harmless way than the smoke which is a by the process of burning and gives off dangerous by-products of combustion along with the harmful cigarette products.
  • The WHO have also stated that vaping is safer than smoking; vaping does not result in combustion and the production of tar and carbon monoxide, which causes a lot of damage to the lungs and other parts of the body.
  • Quitting smoke will result in better lung and heart function, and a better sense of smell and taste. People who have a hard time quitting smoking are given the alternate way, vaping, which is a much safer alternative to smoking.
  • Electronic vape pens allow you to decide your nicotine dosage. There is a wide variety of e-liquids with different strengths of nicotine ranging from no nicotine to high nicotine strength. This helps you to get rid of your addiction by gradually lowering your dose of nicotine and ending up using a nicotine-free vape.
  • Another advantage of an electronic vape pen is that is it gives you the control over the quantity of vapor produced.

Electronic vape pens come in a variety of flavors the most popular flavorings are fruits and beverages. If you are, a heavy tobacco smoker and you want to quit smoking then try our Electronic vape pens. Start with a higher dose of nicotine and then gradually decrease the nicotine content of your e-liquid to zero nicotine. If you are interested in buying an Electronic Vape Pen the check out our website.

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