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Do the Advantages of E Vape outweigh its disadvantages?

The Smoking Epidemic

Smoking has become a common occurrence. In the past, only a handful of people were smokers. Most of these smokers were men. Over time, the number of smokers has exponentially grown. Just like past, the present smokers are also predominantly men. However, women and teenagers are also frequently engaging in smoking now. This has given rise to plenty of diseases particularly lung cancer. Statistics indicate that smoking is the biggest cause of preventable death worldwide

E Vape

Smoking however is addictive. Once you start smoking there is no turning back. Even the grave implications and lethal consequences fail to deter the habitual smoker. The primary cause for this is the increased nicotine dependence. Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical substance found in cigarettes. Nicotine is what primarily makes smoking addictive in nature.

 Recently, e vapes are being promoted as a means to get rid of the smoking habit. E vapes are also known as electronic cigarettes are nicotine delivery systems. The battery-operated devices resemble pens and are advertised as a replacement for conventional cigarettes. However, the question arises that are vapes a safe alternative to cigarette smoking?

E Vapes Vs Conventional Cigarettes

Vaping and Cigarette Smoking are pretty much synonymous. In smoking, tobacco and nicotine are drawn by burning. While during vaping, nicotine is delivered by heating a liquid. Basically, with a cigarette, you inhale the smoke while with an e vape you inhale the vapors or the aerosol.

Unlike cigarettes, an e vape does not burn tobacco nor does it produce tar and carbon monoxide. This is why e vapes are inadvertently much safer for the individuals around the smokers. E vape heats the liquid that is composed of nicotine, flavoring agent, and propylene glycol as well as vegetable glycerin.

Advantages of E Vape over conventional cigarette smoking

Cigarette smoking is primarily threatening due to the several harmful being burned. The toxic products produced as a result are harmful to health. No such burning takes place when it comes to e vapes. This is why e vapes are less harmful than conventional cigarettes.

Secondhand smoking or passive smoking has far-reaching implications for those who do no smoke. These individuals are at similar health risks as those who are chronic smokers. However, no such risks are reported with e vapes.

If smoking is a way of enjoying yourself, vaping allows double the fun. E vape has a wide spectrum of flavors as compared to cigarettes. This way you get to enjoy yourselves more.

E Vapes help individuals quit smoking. This has been proved by research. A clinical trial conducted in the UK in the year 2019 proved that individuals who switch to e vape instead of smoking cigarettes are twice as likely to quit smoking as those individuals who switch to nicotine gums and patches.

E Vape

Unlike smoking, vaping gives you control over your nicotine intake. The strength of the nicotine being used can be metered. This can allow you to gradually reduce your nicotine intake. Reducing nicotine intake takes you one step closer to quitting nicotine altogether.

Smoking indoors can be a grave health hazard. It can potentially fill a closed room with toxic chemicals. Using e vape indoors has no similar threat. A lot of public spaces that prohibit the use of cigarettes allow using e vape. This is primarily because cigarette smoke tends to linger on. Vape aerosols on the other hand do not linger on.

An increased amount of taxes and regulatory duties have made smoking an expensive indulgence. As compared to smoking, vaping is a lot less expensive.

Disadvantages of E Vape

E vape has normalized the much-despised act of smoking. A lot of women and teenagers are now increasingly seen vaping.

Another disadvantage is vaping may be less harmful than conventional smoking ye possesses considerable health risks. Vaping may cause a wide range of lung and heart injuries. The liquid has also proven to be an allergen.

While a lot of people opt for vaping as a means of quitting smoking, vaping can be equally addictive. The much despised and addiction causing nicotine is there in e vape as well.


Smoking or Vaping; which one is the better alternative?

Despite being a hundred folds less harmful than cigarette smoking, vaping is still not entirely safe. The very idea of inhaling anything other than oxygen in your lungs doesn’t sound healthy, does it?

Smoking is more damage-prone due to the burnt product being inhaled in the lung. Vaping on the other hand is a milder version of this lethal act.

Overall, individuals who switch to e vapes are frequently found to be smoking cigarettes in conjunction.

E vapes are not entirely safe. They carry a fraction of threats posed by conventional cigarettes. However, when compared to conventional cigarettes, e vapes are inadvertently safer. This is why the benefits offered by e vape tend to outweigh their downsides. It does not mean that e vapes are encouraged. It only means that if you are a chronic smoker, switching to an e vape would be a safer, comparatively less lethal, and risk-prone option.

The healthiest option would always be to quit smoking altogether. No vape and no conventional cigarettes.

E Vape Options

If you are looking for an e vape and do not know which one would be the best for your needs, here are a few options.

  1. Lite 40 JomoTech

This is a rechargeable vaping device that is a rather new addition to the world of electronic cigarettes. The battery timings are phenomenal and a mere 2.5 hours are required for fully charging the device.

  1. JomoTech Lite 100C Mod Box

Vapes are a cause of great scare due to the incidence of harm caused by short-circuiting of vapes. This vape comes with overheating and short-circuiting prevention. A dual battery configuration and user customization makes it an excellent product for use.

  1. JomoTech W4D Disposable Pod

This vape can be discarded once it has served you 1800 puffs. It required no charging, no topping off and no unnecessary expense.


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