What are side effects of disposable vape pod on health? Latest Research

What are side effects of disposable vape pod on health? Latest Research

Is the electronic cigarette as harmful as the common one?

There are many types of disposable vape pod. It has become the preference among people who wish to quit the common cigarette worldwide.

 disposable vape pod

Talking about smoking is always a divisor of opinions. However, that perspective has been changing when it comes to vape. The reason is that the electronic accessory is free of more than 4,720 substances harmful to health, present in the common cigarette. In addition, the vaporizer does not emit unpleasant smoke, does not spread butts and does not cause bad breath.

Why disposable vape pod is a good option for smokers?

But is exchanging the common cigarette for the electronic one, in fact, a good option for the smoker's health? We did a lot of research on the topic and brought you some information you need to know! Check out.

USA is the 8th country in the world with the most smokers

According to data from the World Health Organization - WHO, in 2018, USA occupied the eighth position in the ranking of countries with the most smokers in the world.  

Today the picture shows a significant reduction of 40%. The figures appeared in an article. Part of this reduction is due to incentive programs and also by the adhesion of ex-smokers to the disposable vape pod.

Although it has existed since 2003, it was only in the last 2 years that the vape really gained notoriety.

How disposable vape pod help in quitting smoking?

The explanation is in the number, more and more expansive, of ex-smokers who testify that they quit the addiction due to the vaporizer. For some health professionals, the exchange does not actually represent a total health benefit, being only a palliative for addiction.

Here in USA, commercialization is not common. However, there are studies showing a considerable reduction in the number of common cigarette smokers in USA, due to vape.

Electronic cigarette versus ordinary cigarette

There is still little robust research that has investigated the health effects of electronic cigarettes.

The website Medscape, considered the largest electronic health magazine in the world, published a survey showing that the use of vape , in relation to ordinary cigarettes, can favor weight loss.

Already the National Youth Tobacco says the vaporizer increased tobacco use among young Americans.

Is the electronic cigarette, in fact, safer than the ordinary cigarette?

Burning and vaporization process in disposable vape pod

The big first difference is in the way the two cigarettes work.

The common cigarette works by combustion of the chemical substances present in its composition. The smoker inhales the smoke, taking the cigarette components into the blood.

In the disposable vape pod there is no combustion. The appliance works by spraying. The liquid used in the cigarette heats by a small resistance present in the accessory and undergoes an evaporation process. However, the steam still goes into the blood, even if less aggressively.


The truth is that, as we mentioned earlier, the common cigarette has more than 4,720 substances harmful to health, where 70 of them are carcinogenic. Nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide are the most well-known components.

The electronic cigarette, on the other hand, has its vapor basically composed of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and food essences. Moreover, they are responsible for the flavors of juices - liquid used together with the accessory. Of the three, none is proven to be harmful to the body.

Nicotine is also present in the vape , but its use is completely optional.

The electronic cigarette has its vapor basically composed of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and food essences.

The problem of disposable vape pod addiction: is it bad or not?

The disposable vape pod is not positive for health, but it is much less harmful, when compared to the common cigarette. This has become a danger to uninformed smokers.


What we notice is that there are many people exchanging the common cigarette for the electronic one and maintaining the same habit of vaporizing frequently. This is dangerous.

In England, many clinics offer treatment areas for smokers using vaporizers. However, there is a whole range of medical advice for smokers to reduce their dependence as much as possible. 

There are also Risks

There are, of course, the dangers involved with the excessive use of electronic cigarettes and, mainly, in the components used in their liquids. We should consider them too.

The great evil is still associated with the use of nicotine. It can cause irritation in the respiratory system and other ailments as serious as those suffered by ordinary smokers.

Disposable vape pod impact on Health

Even reducing the harm of ordinary cigarettes, the use of vape still poses a risk to the user's health.

Dangers of nicotine

We can use disposable vape pod with or without nicotine. However, there are still ex-smokers who raise the indicated levels of this substance, leaving them very close to ordinary cigarettes.

This increases the risks of cardiovascular problems, spontaneous abortion, changes in brain development, premature birth, among other damage to health.

High doses of nicotine can still cause nausea, seizures and even respiratory depression.

Carcinogenic substances

The artificial disposable vape pod flavors of the essences used in electronic cigarettes, when they are of poor quality, can also pose risks to your health.

Depending on the composition of the juices, it is possible to find lead, tin, nitrosamines, and chromium and phenolic compounds. All of these with high carcinogenic potential.

Popcorn Lung

Popcorn lung was the popular name given to bronchiolitis obliterans, a condition where bronchioles get damage and inflamed due to excessive inhalation of chemicals.

disposable vape pod 2021

What are the benefits of disposable vape pod?

We noticed, in fact, a considerable reduction of toxic substances between one cigarette and disposable vape pod. And that was precisely one of the factors that induced many smokers to switch.

In the Netflix documentary "Consumer Service", Hon Link, the inventor of the vape , said he tested several palliatives to eliminate common cigarettes from his routine, such as the famous nicotine patches. None worked.

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