Best mini e-cigarette Repair Guide 2021: Battery Issues Solved

Best mini e-cigarette Repair Guide 2021: Battery Issues Solved

E-Cigarette Repair Guide

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If you've recently invested in the mini e-cigarette, but things aren't working the way you expected, there's a good chance you're doing something wrong. It perfectly takes a little practice. It's not a stupidly complete science, but there are some things you should know.

There is little information about devices on the internet about what to do when things go wrong with your e-cigarette, so we decided to try to make your life easier and create an e-cigarette solutions guide.

Why is my mini e-cigarette battery blinking?

If your mini e-cigarette battery is blinking, it could mean it is defective. This usually means you need to put the device on to recharge. If the battery is blinking during its vapors, it could be a problem. It is important to look in your appliance manual for the meaning.

Why does the cartridge taste bad?

If your e-cigarette cartridge tastes bad, it probably means it's time to change it. Generally, the taste is close to burnt and your cartridge's fluid has run out or is almost certainly gone. It is necessary to change it immediately in this case, as consumption with no charge or liquid can damage your atomizer or battery.

My mini e-cigarette battery doesn't last long!

A lot of things can affect your battery life. If you use your e-cigarette a lot you will find that the battery will last for a few hours. It's like any other electronic, the more you charge it, the less the battery will work.

It is also necessary to take into account that the mini e-cigarette batteries have a useful life, so, after some time, it may be necessary to replace this part of your electronic cigarette.

In the case of some less modern devices, it is necessary to remove the cigarette from the socket when the battery turns green, normally associated with a full charge.

My mini e-cigarette is not generating steam

If you are steaming and are not getting any steam in your mouth, you should check the following:

Is the battery charged? Is the cartridge recharged? Are there lights on your device? If so, does anything happen?

If nothing happened, even after performing all of the above processes, we can diagnose that you have a battery or charger problem. Now, you might wonder how long you've owned these items. Maybe it's time to exchange them or send your device to the technical assistance of its manufacturer.

I have filled my cartridge and it tastes bad. What is wrong?

If you've been using the same atomizer for a long time, maybe this justifies the burning taste. As well, if you use cartridge electronic cigarettes, maybe it's time to change it.

If you check your atomizer and notice that the outer cotton is extremely brown, this may explain the burning taste.

It's also worth trying quality liquids, looking for a better experience in your mini e-cigarette.

Why is e-cigarette liquid coming into my mouth?

If you are steaming your e-cigarette and the liquid is going into your mouth, you may have overloaded your cartridge. Alternatively, you may also be pulling too fast, which would cause the liquid not to heat up enough to become steam.

To solve this problem, it is important that you remove the liquid, clean your cartridge and verify that the problem is resolved. If it continues to have problems, look for a more professional cartridge in the market or replace your current one.

Why am I not generating any steam recommended?

If you are struggling to get your e-cigarette to generate steam, this comes with thousands of problems. First, check your battery. Once that's done, make sure your cartridges contain enough liquid to work properly.

 mini e-cigarette

Also, make sure nothing is blocking the flow of steam between the cartridge and the mouthpiece of your e-cigarette.

It is also important that you thoroughly clean your mini e-cigarette, seeking to eliminate any unnecessary waste problems.

Why does my battery cut off vaporization?

If you pull on your e-cig for a long time, you may find that the battery is cutting off vaporization.

This process is important so that your electronic cigarette avoids overheating, preserving your device from any damage.  It is good for changing tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes

Tips for changing tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes

Quitting smoking is very difficult.  

Of course, there are up to 599 additives in cigarettes that make smoking easier and of course much more addictive too.

The popular magazine publishes an article stating how mini e-cigarette has become more addictive in recent decades, more attractive and deadlier than they were 50 years ago.

If you haven't discovered vaping yet, it's the most effective cessation and harm reduction tool available to date. Some people can stop smoking by steaming, just work on it.

If you find yourself in this group, these tips are specially made for you.

1 – Always have an e-cig as backup

 This is the reason why several e-cigarette kits for beginners appear in the market.

2 – Have a backup

 Seriously! You must have more than one mini e-cigarette; after all, if you are on hand, I'm sure you can find the nearest bakery, right? Hahaha

3 – Don't stay on just one level of nicotine

 E-cigarette liquid companies make a variety of liquids with varying levels of nicotine for their consumers.

There are two things to keep in mind when choosing your nicotine level:

4 – Hide your cigarettes / Destroy them all!

It can be difficult to throw away your mini e-cigarette when your first electronic kit arrives you might not even want to.

Stopping is hard enough without the stress of thinking there's no going back. At the same time, you don't want to keep your cigarettes close enough to just grab one and light it anytime you have cravings.

Smoking is considered a habit for a reason; there is a certain degree of subconscious desire.

5 – Try different mini e-cigarette flavors, over and over again!

As your body adjusts to quitting smoking, you will notice improvements in your taste and smell.

Shortly after I quit smoking I went to visit a fast-food chain, and after eating French fries I thought “Wow, these potatoes taste amazing”. Uh, but these are the same potatoes I ate while I was a smoker, and they weren't even that good.

This may sound cliché, but try asking this question to an ex-smoker and you'll see how frequent testimonials like this are.


Liquid flavors for mini e-cigarette will significantly change your experience with digital solutions. It's fantastic and very pleasurable.

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