Beginners to Single-use E-cigarettes Are Advised to Opt for 0mg of Nicotine

When you strat to smoke ?And when you strat to vape
In the simplest of terms, "Vaping" is a modern form of smoking. e liquid is heated by an electronic device,
creating the vapour which the user then inhales.
disposable vape

What's the different with vape and smoke?

1.vaping has been identified as being up to 95% safer than smoking
2.The EU has identified a number of compounds of concern which have been banned from use
3.Vape Does not leave an unpleasant smell,Obviously Smoking Smell Troubled people around


Disposables are the cheapest, simplest, and most accessible vaping device out there
units that are thrown away as soon as the battery dies, or replaceable unit devices that let you recharge
the battery and replace the cartridg
jomotech disposable vape

How much nicotine?
The nicotine level in an e liquid really depends on your personal preference.

0%/2%/5% etc
0mg/ml – Perfect for non-smokers or someone who wants to give vaping a go. At 0mg you can try
whatever flavour appeals to you
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