Another Counterfeit Registered Electronic Cigarette Case Involving Up to 90.66 Million Yuan

Another Counterfeit Registered Electronic Cigarette Case Involving Up to 90.66 Million Yuan

On November 23, 2022, the "2021-11-16" large-scale counterfeit registered trademark e-cigarette case jointly investigated by the public security and tobacco departments at Chenzhou and Zixing City of Hunan Province was listed as a ministerial-level case by the Ministry of Public Security and the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau.
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It is reported that on November 16, 2021, Zixing Public Security Bureau and Tobacco Monopoly Bureau destroyed 3 production sites of counterfeit registered trademark "VOOPOO" and "SMOK" e-cigarettes in their jurisdictions, arrested 3 suspects on site, and seized 39.5 million counterfeit e-cigarettes. Three suspects were seized, 391,800 counterfeit electronic cigarette smoking cores, 3 laser coding machines, 3 aluminum-plastic blister packing machines, 1 transportation vehicle, 3 tons of aluminum-plastic materials, 180,000 counterfeit registered trademark logo materials, and the amount involved was 5,622,800 RMB.

The counterfeit registered trademark electronic cigarettes are generally produced illegally by small workshops that have not obtained the license qualification of electronic cigarette manufacturers, not only the production health environment is dirty and disorderly, and there is no quality testing equipment, the products are likely to have indiscriminate addition, harmful substances seriously exceed the standard, and other problems, safety issues are worrying.

The same situation also appears in the current proliferation of milk tea cups, cola cups and other illegal fruit flavored electronic cigarettes. Here we remind consumers, for your health, please choose the regular legal store to buy products.
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