7 Most Common Rumors about Puff Plus Vape

7 Most Common Rumors about Puff Plus Vape

5 side effects of vape you need to know about 

 Puff Plus Vape

Here on our blog, we have already developed several articles that break countless false arguments about Puff plus Vape that many people tend to disclose. Today, the idea is a little different: to combat fake news related to the vaper world, we have prepared a list of proven side effects of electronic cigarettes.

Want to know more about the subject? Read on!

5 side effects of vape

First of all, we emphasize that several surveys show that vape does at least 95% less harm when compared to traditional cigarettes. However, that's not to say it doesn't have some side effects.

Get to know the main ones below.

Dry mouth

Without a doubt, it is the most common side effect. Dry mouth is linked to the main ingredients of the e- Puff Plus Vape: PG and VG, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin, respectively.

Between the two compounds, liquids with the highest percentage of PG are the ones that leave the mouth drier. However, even 100% VG e-liquid vapers also cause this sensation.

But after all, why does this happen?

The justification is somewhat contradictory. Would you believe us if we said that these two compounds are humectants? No wonder, they are often used in other segments, especially in food, to make things moist. However, they are also hygroscopic, meaning they absorb water.

How to solve the dry mouth problem with Puff Plus Vape?

There's no secret! Stay hydrated.

In addition, you can also use an oral moisturizing rinse after using Puff Plus Vape.
However, if you notice that the dryness persists, we recommend a consultation with a doctor to verify that there is no other associated problem.

Sore throat

The throat inevitably suffers a little from a vape. This can have several causative agents: nicotine, propylene glycol, flavors, or even the coil used in the atomizer.

For example, some coils used in vaporization are nickel-based and it is very common for people to discover that they are allergic to the compound.

If that wasn't enough, several online reports show that sore throats can be linked to high nicotine content – ​​especially when used with high levels of propylene glycol (50% or more).

So, if you think this sore throat is related to the e-liquid, bet on a higher percentage of VG, a new flavor or lower the concentration of nicotine.

Important information: if you think the problem is not the liquid or nicotine, the cause may be the type of wire used in your coil. Then check the device information and see if it has a nickel coil.

In this case, the solution is to replace it with one that indicates it uses Kanthal or stainless steel.

Cough during Puff Plus Vape

Cough-related problems are very common in beginner Puff Plus Vape vapers, even when they are ex-smokers or smokers.


If you have recently stopped smoking and started to vaporize, it is common for you to suffer from a headache.

Although vape contains nicotine, it is not the only alkaloid found in tobacco. In time: alkaloids have a physiological effect on the user and their interruption can generate headaches.

So if you're an ex-smoker and you're just using nicotine on the vape, it's entirely possible that it alone isn't enough to ward off the pain at first.

However, there is also a chance that the headache is related to dehydration. So stay hydrated when using your vape!

Dizziness after using Puff Plus Vape

When we smoke for the first time, it is normal to feel dizzy or lightheaded. This applies to Puff Plus Vape as well.

Here there is not much secret: this feeling decreases the more you consume. 

If this worries you, we recommend decreasing the amount of nicotine or the amount you vaporize over short periods. 

 Puff Plus Vape 2021

If you're a beginner vaper, you've probably wondered if you can inhale or inhale the steam, right. This is a very common question for our customers.

The act of inhaling is very familiar to cigarette smokers.  But what about vape? Spoiler Alert: There is no right or wrong answer to the practice of inhaling or inhaling. Calm down, let's explain it better below:

Puff Plus Vaper, tell us, what do you smoke?

It is always worth pointing out that vaporizing is not the same thing as smoking, even though the practice is widely used to replace traditional cigarettes. The idea of ​​ Puff Plus Vape is to mimic the sensations and experiences of smoking.

That is, it doesn't matter what you smoke.  It is not news to anyone that most vapers are people who want to reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke or even stop smoking. 

 In the case of smokers, the answer to the article's question is: if you want to replace the traditional cigarette with an electronic one, you must inhale the steam as soon as it is in your mouth. This way, you have the same sensation of smoking, and little by little, you will not feel that need to light a conventional cigarette.

What if I smoke a cigar or a pipe?

Well, if this is your case, know that the nicotine in electronic cigarettes is absorbed by the mouth. That is, you don't need to inhale to feel the effects of smoking.

Another benefit related to not inhaling the Puff Plus Vape, regardless of what you smoke, is the possibility to get the full flavor benefits of your e-liquid. After all, flavor range is one of the best things about steaming, and it's a waste to miss out on that variety.

In juice: keeping the steam in your mouth, as well as the smoke from a pipe or cigar, before exhaling, means that you get all the nuances of your juice.

Is Puff Plus Vape good for a traditional smoker?

However, if you're a traditional cigarette smoker and you're worried about losing flavor, don't worry. Most smokers use the mouth-to-lung style of inhalation. They still get most of the flavor if they use the same style to vaporize.

The biggest problem is for those who vaporize directly into the lungs. Because they are more interested in how much steam they produce, they need to use higher flavor concentrations.


As with many things related to the Puff Plus Vape universe, concern about inhalation is related to harmful health consequences. This is fueled by bad science and irresponsible stories that are bombarded in the media.

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