Taste Exploration: Try unique and appetizing Indonesian E-Juice Variants

Taste Exploration: Try unique and appetizing Indonesian E-Juice Variants

The world of vaping has experienced rapid growth from replacing conventional cigarettes to becoming a trend among the masses. This is able to change the way many people experience nicotine or even just explore the sensation of a sweet, unique aroma.

One of the factors that makes vape juice taste good is in creating the aroma. Liquid manufacturers combine various ingredients to create various flavors and aromas that arouse the tastes of users. The following are recommendations for E-juice variants:

  • Liquid Nusantara “KLEPON”
Liquid Nusantara Klepon is the result of a collaboration between JVS x Java Juice and has succeeded in creating a liquid that can be an alternative to reduce homesickness. How soft klepon tastes with the taste of brown sugar in it. If you can't wait to reminisce or taste Klepon-flavored liquid, you should have this liquid immediately. This klepon liquid cake is suitable to be enjoyed at any time in any condition and is recommended for a delicious creamy liquid.

  • Liquid Nusantara “CENDOL DAWET”
Liquid Nusantara Cendol Dawet is a liquid released by V2 which provides variations of the legendary taste of cendol dawet so that it provides a taste that is not only refreshing, but also pampers the tongue with a unique combination of flavors. From simple ingredients such as rice flour, coconut milk and brown sugar which gives it a legendary taste.

  • Terang Boelan By Jus Rakyat
One of the liquid flavors of typical Indonesian food released by Jus Rakjat is a special sweet martabak flavor. With unique packaging typical of old Indonesian advertisements, this adds to the curiosity of vape fans, you know. When you make the liquid, the aroma you can smell is the aroma of melted nuts and sweet chocolate. The taste and aroma can cure sweet martabak cravings for those of you who are on a calorie diet.

  • Fried Noodles By Mac Liquid
This liquid "Fried Mie" from Mac Liquid comes in a 30ml packaging and a label that is very similar to Indomie instant fried noodles. The smell is not too similar to fried noodles, but you can smell the soy sauce and savory aroma. If you just try the spices with a little soy sauce then that's the taste you will get from this unique liquid. You have to try it yourself and feel the sensation of eating fried Indomie in your liquid vape.
So, those are the recommendations for unique and appetizing liquid vape variants.

Liquid vape has a delicious taste because it combines chemical components in the right proportions to create the aroma and provide the taste sensation that E-liquid provides.
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