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Electronic Cigar: Avoid the Burnt Vape Taste

For a vaper, the burnt hits are the worst most things to happen

The burning of electronic cigar happens to most of us. This burnt eventually burn our throat. This happens most of the time to the vapers when they take their vape devices and eventually end up receiving the burnt smoke. It thereby appears to be one of the worst feelings in the world when you are looking for tasty soothing effects.

The effects of burning happen to almost every other device. Starting from electronic cigars to that of Sub Ohm Tanks. This problem eventually ends up worsening your day ultimately keeping you away from the vaping practice. Therefore, looking at the reason for the burnt vapes there are many.

But the good news is that there is always a solution to every single burning issue. Let us examine the most common issues thereby discussing the burnt hits. For more information visit here

Electronic Cigar

Difference Between Burnt Hits & Dry Hits

Burnt hits and dry hits are the most common terms we use in an electronic cigar. Most of the vapers use these terms interchangeably. However, in reality, these two terms are separate in many ways.

Dry Hits are eventually are less bad and awful than those of the burnt hits. Dry hits happen only when the coil of the vape of the cigar becomes dry a bit. By dry hits, it means that there is the availability of less flavor and fewer vapors. These hits eventually are free from any kind of nastiness and the coughing experience that comes with the burnt hits.

However, keeping your vape practice during such dry hits is not free from any surprise. You will eventually get the one surprise if you keep on vaping. That dry hit consequently alarms the vapers towards a signal to pay attention to. The signal says that there is no need to disregard the dry hits. It is because, after the dry hit, there eventually is the burnt hit coming at you.

What causes Burnt Hits?

Burnt happens when a vaper charges or supplies the power to the electronic cigar when there is not enough flavor available in it. It also happens for a reason when the number of wicks is not enough or up to the mark.

Therefore, when there is no liquid flavor to vaporize, the coil starts burning the wick. By doing this the user essentially starts inhaling the smoke of the burnt cotton. Below are the most common reasons for the burnt and along with them are the advises helping avoid it.

Burning Due to The High Wattage

The evaporation of the liquid flavor as we have discussed happens when there is vaping at the wattage much higher than the limit of the coil. In this way, the electronic cigar vaporizes the liquid flavor very fast.

With this, the coil eventually starts burning the wicks. The burning starts happening even if there is some liquid left as flavor. Therefore, the solution to this is to stay in the range of the recommended wattages no matter what.

With Continuous or Chain Vaping

The newcomers into this business of vaping does a common mistake. They keep on vaping consistently without giving the device any break. By doing this the vape eventually dries up fats. One therefore can realize this stage when after some time the vapor starts giving you the burnt smell or taste.

After this, it is a recommendation for the user to set the device aside for a moment.  By waiting a bit for the device to cool down, it will consequently help the dry spots of the wicks by using the flavored liquid.

Electronic Cigar

Vaping With the Help of High-VG E-Liquids

The composition of every single electronic cigar is different. Each vape carries unique features and properties. By this, it means that most vape tanks carry the option to provide high-VG juice.

However, the others require 50% PG to function properly. The best rule to check this is the Thumb Rule for the size of the wick channel. With a hole carrying a small diameter, there are greater chances that the tank will eventually bode well with high-VG juices. However, with large holes, there are chances of tanks to bode well with the high-VG juices are great.

Not Priming the Coil Properly

Not priming the coil of the electronic cigar appears to be the most common issue and the problem of the day. By priming means that the head of the coil gets primed. It eventually is the most essential practice that makes the device get ready for the first use.

In This practice the priming step allows the wicks to gets themselves saturated with the e-liquid. therefore, it is a strong recommendation to every vaper who wants to avoid the burnt hits. He or she must prime the coils of his/her vape properly.

How To Realise If the Coil Is Burnt?

When the person first smells the burnt hits of the coil. It is the sign that tells us to get ready for the coil to be binned. However, if a person catches the smell earlier than this, he can still give it a go. This is because it happens most of the time that after a little use the burnt disappears after several puffs.

But the most probable chances are that the person has already the burnt the cotton of the coil inside the vape. This cotton thereby demands a sudden replacement. Nevertheless, the taste will remain there forever it is burnt.

Moreover, there is one more case too. In this even if you are properly primed your coil is well. Also, you are timely feeding the e-liquid flavor solution in the vape. But even then, you are experiencing the burnt hits then these are not the only reason for getting throat burns. They nonetheless are the most common culprits. Then there are some sure reasons that the coil of vapes gets burnt. It is the reason, that the vaper is not getting the best result out of the e-liquid.

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