5 Best Disposables Vape pod Devices 2021: Must try to Quit Smoking.

5 Best Disposables Vape pod Devices 2021: Must try to Quit Smoking.

What is the exact time to replace your disposable vape device?

 Disposables Vape pod Devices

Virtually, disposable vape pod devices have become one of the most popular vaping devices of 2021. It is just because they are extremely handy as well as, their sleek and trendy designs create good impressions in your community.

Further, they are also an ideal choice for those who actually want to quit smoking cigarettes. Additionally, they have different delicious flavors range. So, you can choose your favorite flavor according to your choice.

In this guide, you can read what exactly are these disposables vape pods? Moreover, as these are disposable devices so when should you replace your disposable vape pod?

Also, what are the best vape POD devices in 2021?

What is a disposable vape pod device?

Today a disposable vape pod device is one of the easiest vape devices to use as compared to smoking. Moreover, when it comes to disposable, it becomes an effortless way to use it because it comes straight out of the box and 100% ready to use as well.

You can easily use a vape pod device until it runs out of juice. Hence, after the end of the required juice, you will have to toss it out and will have to pick up a new vape pod device.

These disposables vape devices are portable and have highly trendy designs. Their stylish and glossy looks are also able to make you a style icon in your community.

What is a disposable vape pod device called?

Basically, a disposable Vape pod device or a disposable e-cigarette is a smaller non-rechargeable vaping device. Further, it is actually a pre-filled and pre-charged vape device. It comes with various delicious flavors of vape juices that contain salt-based nicotine inside.

Additionally, these vape devices have shapes like traditional cigarettes to make feel like you are smoking a cigarette.

How a disposable vape pod device is beneficial to quit smoking?

A great bonus of using a disposable vape device is that it ideally provides you a similar experience to smoking. Hence, they are extremely helpful for a person who wishes to quit cigarette smoking.

In addition, vape devices play the most important role in the transformation from smoking to vaping. Since they come in several different flavors so one can ideally choose his flavor to skip smoking that is injurious to health.

How long can a disposable vape pod device last?

If you are thinking that how long can a disposable vape pod device last then the answer is very simple. Usually, it completely depends on the habits of a person who uses a disposable vape device.

If a person only vapes a few times per day, for example, then he will be lucky because his vape box will obviously last much longer. But if a person vapes heavily then his vape pod will be ended soon.

Since the disposable vape, boxes are not able to be refillable so a user should replace them properly when the e-juice will be finished. However, if you will use a disposable vape pod box with standard frequency then it has the capability to last for about three or five days.

What is the best vape POD 2021?

We hope that you will get fully aware of the disposable vape pod devices. Now come with us to know about the best disposable vape devices that are ideal to purchase in 2021.

Further, they also help you to give up smoking that is extremely dangerous to your health.

These are:

  1. Hyppe Max
  2. Hyppe Bar
  3. ORO Vape Bar

Hyppe Max 3:

We have put Hyppe Max disposables at the top of the list because these devices are highly longest-lasting disposables devices in 2021. These devices have a whopping 5ml of liquid and a 650mAh battery as well.

Since these disposable devices are long-lasting so they are an ideal choice to use in long traveling. Mostly this disposable vape pod device will provide you a chance of almost 1500 puffs.

Ideal features:
  • It is available in several great tastes.
  • Comes in a soft-touch rubberized shell.
  • It contains 5ml of e-liquid.
  • Provides you 1500+ puffs.
  • Will give you the best throat hit.
  • It is much larger in comparison to other disposable vape devices.

Hyppe Bar:

This is an amazing disposable vape device that will provide you around 300 puffs. Moreover, it comes in 13 unique and tasty flavors. Additionally, it will be a perfect device for those who love mint as it carries fruit/mint flavors.

Ideal features:
  • It is an extremely smart disposable vape device.
  • Further, it is an ultra-portable and discrete vape pod.
  • It contains 1.3ml of 5% nicotine salt.
  • This disposable vape pod devicecomes in a wide variety of delicious flavors.
  • Its throat hit is awesome.

It doesn't have tobacco flavor so not an ideal selection for tobacco lovers.

 Disposables Vape pod Devices 2021

ORO Vape Bar:

It has almost 15 different flavors. Further, all these flavors are most enticing so it will be a perfect choice for disposable vape lovers. Basically, these disposables vape devices are draw-activated as well as deliver a smooth, pleasant, and satisfying draw.

Ideal features:
  • Highly affordable price.
  • It comes with 1.3ml of 50mg e-juice.
  • Mostly provides you 200+ puffs.
  • Lots of exciting flavors are available.
  • No need to charging, filling, or any other maintenance.

It will be not a suitable choice for heavy vapers as it gives only 200-300 puffs.


These disposables vape pod devices have compact dimensions. Furthermore, these devices present stunning visual effects by their modish styles.

They are 3.7 inches tall and 1.46 inches wide. So, you can fit this next-generation disposable vape pod device anywhere you want in a pocket or in a nook at your workstation.

Ideal features:
  • It has a 950mAh internal battery.
  • It has an e-liquid capacity of 2.0ml.
  • You can churn out several sessions without any further recharge.
  • It helps you to prevent dry hits.
  • It has a long coil life
  • consists of five wattage levels
  • It is an expensive device.

So, get your own disposable vape pod device today and enjoy vaping in your favorite flavor. These are easy-to-use portable e-cigarettes that perfectly help you to quit smoking as well.  

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