What is the advantage of Air bar over smoking?

What is the advantage of Air bar over smoking?

advantage of Air bar
A lot has been said about the dangers of Air bar products for the smoker himself, as well as for his immediate environment. Fortunately, many of those who are addicted to this bad habit are aware of its danger. In their attempts to overcome their harmful cravings, vaping may be the best resource today.

You can buy it through our website. We offer products from leading brands in their market segment at the most attractive prices. But are e-cigarettes really that effective against centuries-old tobacco? Our professional experts will help you deal with this.

What are Air bars?

According to WHO statistics, smoking is an indirect cause of a huge number of human deaths around the globe. Once hooked on this habit, it is very difficult for a person to get rid of it. After all, smoking becomes not just a ritual, but a psychological addiction.

Without Air bar, it is difficult for a smoker to concentrate, achieve a high level of productivity at work, and get rid of the overhanging feeling of constant stress. To break out of this trap, a person begins to use a nicotine patch, pills, chewing gum, coding.

But the result from this is very rarely positive. Electronic cigarettes are another matter. In many cities, they are common by more and more supporters of a healthy lifestyle, whose goal is to get rid of the habit of smoking.

What is the advantage of Air bar over smoking?

The person using the vape is holding an electronic cigarette in his hands. The smoking ritual is very similar to the usual one in which tobacco products is common. And the sensations from inhaling steam, its delay and exhalation are very close to the feelings from smoking.

However, the harm to the body from electronic cigarettes is minimal. To verify this, it is worth comparing the substances that are included in conventional and electronic cigarettes. The compositional characteristics of their products are as follows:

Why tobacco cigarettes are harmful?

Smoke from tobacco cigarettes contains toxic substances in excess of 4,000. The most aggressive of these are formaldehyde, acetone, nickel, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, butane, arsenic, poloniae, chromium, benzene, lead, methane, cadmium, CO and many other elements and their compounds.

The electronic cigarette

Cigarettes are responsible for the development of most cancers of the throat, larynx, pharynx, lung and mouth. However, the new fashion for Air bar also poses health risks.

 advantage of Air bar

Many people wonder if e-cigarettes are a substitute for regular cigarettes. Some people find it more advantageous than the cigarette itself, for not having tobacco and tar, which is the main cause of cancer among smokers.

In addition to the taste and smell being very inviting, as they use flavored and minty essences, they are practical and do not need to char like cigarettes. These devices are steam based; some can be recharged with essences or even disposable.

Why should you use Air bar?

According to the National Cancer Institute (INCA), e-cigarettes are a gateway to cigarette use, as the amount of nicotine inhaled is greater than that present in a cigarette.

Nicotine is a substance that is psychoactive; it produces the sensation of pleasure, which can induce abuse and dependence.

However, Air bar also have about 5% nicotine – different from tobacco-based cigarettes and what causes cigarette addiction.

With the continuous inhalation of nicotine, the brain adapts and starts to need increasingly larger doses, we can call it drug intolerance.

Hookah vs Air bar

The hookah is in the sights of many pulmonologists and scholars, to understand if its use is as bad for health as a cigarette or an Air bar.

What should be taken into account is that the hookah also has tobacco and nicotine in its composition. However, together are the flavor essences, which end up bringing the false illusion that the component is not harmful to health.

These substances when used continuously can bring numerous harm. Of course, the hookah is generally not used daily as the cigarette but the risks are the same.

Depending on the session time, the act can be equivalent to 100 cigarettes.

Consequences of using Air bar

In the United States some cases started to appear but in a mysterious way. Dubbed the “mysterious disease”, this syndrome emerged and apparently appears to be like pulmonary syndromes.

Some of the symptoms are:

  • Shortness of breath;
  • Cough;
  • Vomiting;
  • Fever;
  • Excessive tiredness.

What cannot be affirmed is that this syndrome is an effective consequence of the use of electronic cigarettes. Despite not having tobacco in its composition, there are carcinogens behind the flavors.

However, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can also be one of the consequences. It is caused by obstruction of the airway from cigarette smoke or other toxic substances. That is why you should use Air bar.

Smoking also harms the heart

Among the diseases that most affect the population are heart attacks and strokes, and among the main causes is smoking. This is because smoking increases blood pressure.

If you are a user of electronic cigarettes or electric cigarettes as some say, surely you must have already faced one of these 5 problems. That's why I brought these little tips in an attempt to help them get the most out of their e-cigarette device.

1 - My e-cigarette stopped creating steam.

 If you are inhaling and there is no smoke coming into your mouth, you should check these 5 items below.

  • Does any light come on on the device?
  • Is the battery charged?
  • Does the tank have liquid?
  • When trying to charge the electronic cigarette, does something happen?
  • Is it silent during charging?

If all of the above items have been checked and your device still does not create steam (smoke), you probably have an Air bar that has a battery problem, in which case you should take it for repair or change it by calling the store you bought it.

2 - My electronic cigarette battery runs out very quickly

 Like any other electronic device that has a battery, the electronic cigarette also suffers from the same problem, the more you charge it, the less your battery will last, following the same line of cell phone batteries.

Battery life of Air bar varies a lot from device to device, but depending on how long you've used this battery, and how long it holds a charge, it would be good to think about replacing it or completely swapping the device for a newer one here At vaporbr.com.br we don't sell batteries always complete device to give a better experience to the user.





3 - The vaporization of my electronic cigarette is cut off during inhalation

 Air bar has a security system to prevent the device from overheating. So if you inhale for a long time the battery cuts the power to prevent damage to your e-cigarette. So if you notice that the e-cigarette has stopped vaporizing, don't try to force it to vaporize more, this way you guarantee that your e-cigarette will last much longer.

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