Jomotech Vape Sufficient Stock in Moscow Warehouse

Jomotech Vape Sufficient Stock in Moscow Warehouse

With the development of the times, people more and more hope to receive their parcels quickly. From the previous 2-3 months to the current 5-15 days. People are paying more and more attention to the speed of logistics, and we have also discovered this. We have prepared 15,000 e-cigarettes in our Moscow warehouse, which will greatly improve your shopping experience and sales.

1. Improve shopping experience

We cooperate with local logistics companies, and the transportation time is 3-15 days for door-to-door delivery. If you are interested in our products, you can choose to purchase a sample sheet for market testing, which will greatly improve work efficiency.

2. Reduce customs risk

We transport the products to the Moscow warehouse, which greatly reduces the risk of the package being detained by the customs. If you buy locally and ship locally, you don't have to worry about any logistics risks.

3. Promote store sales

The sales cycle is shortened, and there is no need to worry about product inventory. You only need to purchase from our Moscow warehouse a few days in advance, which facilitates the preparation time.

We have selected some hot sale models according to the local market,Let me introduce the products of our Moscow warehouse:

disposable vape
JOMO L3 3000 puffs, L5 5000 puffs, W10 5000 puffs disposable vape, direct ship from Moscow

▶10 flavors of each vape model
▶2% nicotine
▶Mesh coil, smooth vapor
▶L3, L5 with Type-C charging port
▶Russian Packaging

L3----Big puffs, top quality e-liquid, mesh heating wire

Tank capacity:10ml;
Battery capacity: 550mAh;
Puffs:About 3000 puffs;
Mesh Coil--Purer&Smoother Taste,Massive cloud
Charging port--Cost effective& Easy to carry

L5----Bigpuffs, top quality e-liquid, mesh heating wire,Charging Port

Tank capacity:10ml;
Battery capacity: 600mAh;
Puffs:About 5000 puffs;
Mesh coil, smooth vapor
Type-C charging port
Dust-proof cap.
Portable with lanyard.
Patent appearance


W10----Super big capacity, top quality e-liquid, mesh heating wire, very popular in Russia

Tank capacity:13ml;
Battery capacity: 2200mAh;
Puffs:About 5000 puffs;
2200mah battery---Real disposable vape,no need to charge
Mesh Heating wire---Purer&Smoother Taste,Massive cloud
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