Getting to Know the Batam Vape Community: Places Meet and Share Experiences

Getting to Know the Batam Vape Community: Places Meet and Share Experiences

In this modern era, the habit of conventional smoking has changed to smoking using electronic cigarettes or what is usually called vape.

This has resulted in many vape users resulting in the businesses of vape sellers or distributors in the city of Batam growing rapidly.

Because of this, Batam has many active vapers communities with regular activities, one of which is the Batam Vape Community. It is hoped that its existence can become a home for vapers, especially in the city of Batam.

Starting from users who have the same hobby, namely vaping, the Batam Vape Community was formed as a forum for sharing between vaping users, because this community is very open even to novice vapers who want to learn and look for information.

Batam Vape Community has a vision to advance vape users in Batam with various activities that have been carried out by this community.

Starting from the routine agenda, namely vape meetings every two weeks, the routine agenda for annual gatherings and anniversaries, to social sharing activities.

With 83 members, the Batam Vape Community grows with its members with a strong sense of family. Vapemeet is very open to fellow vapers who want to join the community.

Every year, in Batam there will always be inter-community events ranging from cloudchasing to bazaars, these events are also held between communities.

To join the Batam Vape Community, vapers can visit the Facebook group page and immediately apply to join by answering the questions listed, then after that vapers can immediately join.
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