European expansion, exclaimed and set up an electronic atomization factory in Athens, Greece!

European expansion, exclaimed and set up an electronic atomization factory in Athens, Greece!

01 Indonesia, sprint to win customers in August!
Global Intelligence has learned that Indonesia will usher in excitement in August. It is reported that the Jakarta Electronic Vaping International Exhibition has also started, and the Indonesian channel special issue "CVIC VAPE", which is launched by CVIC, an important customer acquisition platform in the world, will also be published on site in Jakarta, and will also be published in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and other channels It is worthy of attention to promote the coverage of commercial and local distribution, and recommend face-to-face to overseas dealers.

▲ Comments: Only for Indonesian customers. As one of the mainstream emerging markets in the world's important market, Indonesia's open style is still the mainstream, but other categories are developing. The demand space in Indonesia is huge, with more than 60 million demanders. At present, many Chinese factories have already grabbed the market in Indonesia. More importantly, Indonesia has a strong atmosphere for promoting the commercialization of electronic atomization, and a market that takes electronic atomization to a new height is growing in Indonesia.

02 European expansion, set up an electronic atomization factory in Athens, Greece!

Global Intelligence has learned that Monster Vape Labs, a nearly 10-year-old electronic atomization company, announced its expansion in Europe and set up a new warehouse in Greece. Jam Monster is a manufacturer of e-liquid and disposable products. This time, it has a factory in Athens, Greece, becoming the first American e-liquid company with a designated team and manufacturing warehouse in Greece to expand the European market. The new factory will Acts as the European distribution center for Monster Vape Labs products. This expansion will allow Monster Vape Labs to develop close, long-term relationships with stores and distributors, and increase production and turnaround times.

▲ Comments: The Eastern European market has once again received attention. The company also stated that due to the increase in overseas demand for the brand, it has launched a plan to develop new business in Athens, Greece. The new office will serve as the second location for Monster Vape Labs. It can also be seen that the establishment of Monster Vape Labs' second base in Athens, Greece is an important step in increasing brand awareness and global growth.

03 In 2022, the United States imported about 400 million electronic atomization devices

Global Intelligence learned that, according to statistics, in 2022, the United States will import about 400 million electronic atomizers. Among them, Chicago, Illinois is the most important distribution port for electronic vaping in the United States. After more than 50% of electronic vaping enters the United States from Chicago, it radiates the entire Great Lakes region and supplies the eastern and central US markets. The Los Angeles port in California on the west coast ranks the second largest electronic atomization distribution port in the United States. More than 30% of electronic atomization enters the US market through Los Angeles. The Los Angeles port has become the core import port of electronic atomization in the western United States.

▲ Comments: The U.S. market is indeed large. At the same time, according to statistics, 99% of the imported electronic atomization products in the United States come from China.

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