Are Vapes Really Effective in Helping You Quit Smoking?

Are Vapes Really Effective in Helping You Quit Smoking?

Conventional cigarettes always have a serious impact in several aspects, such as health and the economy, so they are considered very detrimental, but over the years conventional cigarette users are increasing.

Various methods have been attempted to limit and even ban conventional cigarettes which have been implemented in the governments of many countries. However, now there are also alternative steps to reduce the bad effects of conventional cigarettes.

This alternative is the use of electronic cigarettes or vapes as a means of switching smokers to quit smoking. Various countries see this as an appropriate solution that can be used as a first step for conventional cigarette users.

The British government, through its health ministry, is urging its citizens who smoke to switch to vaping as a smoking cessation therapy. The government provides free vapes for patients who smoke. The “swap to stop” program is a national incentive in 2023 to help smokers quit smoking with free vape kits.

The New Zealand government considers vaping to have a lower risk than cigarettes, so it advises smokers to switch. The local Ministry of Health launched the 'Vaping Facts' website to help smokers switch. The vape program is used to achieve National Smokefree 2025.

Dr. Colin Mendelsohn, Chairman of the Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association, said that vaping is effective as an aid to quit smoking. For example in Australia, New Zealand and England.

"Smoking rates in Australia and NZ have dropped drastically since vaping was regulated in 2020," he explained virtually in a workshop held by RELX International in Manila, Philippines, Friday 17 May 2023.

He called vaping a smoking cessation therapy that is 50-100 percent more effective than other nicotine replacement programs such as using candy.

Containing nicotine without burning or smoke, vaping can reduce harmful substances from smoke but can still provide the sensation of smoking for users.

In conclusion, vaping could be a better alternative to quitting conventional cigarettes.
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